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Global Active Wave Soldering Machine GS350P

Global Active Wave Soldering Machine GS350P

Global Active Wave Soldering Machine GS350P


Global Active Wave Soldering Machine GS350P


Soldering - Wave

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Features :

Spray Fiuxer:

1) Oriental motor drives the flux spraying system. Spraying speed is

adjusted according to PCB board width and moving speed to ensure

even spraying all time.

2) Durable “Meiji” brand nozzle from Japan

3) Oil/water separator is installed at the side of machine to regulate

air pressure and remove moisture in the air.

Preheating section:

1) Length 1800mm

2) Heat is generated by heated wind .

Lead-free Solder pot:

1) Anti corrosive Titanium oven liner is suitable for lead-free process

and is durable.

2) Heating element is divided into three parts, each located on one

side of the tin oven. Within each part, three stainless steel U-shape

heating pipes are held by a set of cast copper and iron fixture and are

secured on the outer side of stainless steel oven liner. Therefore the

oven is evenly and quickly heated to avoid tin explosion. Tin leaking

problem related to traditional leaded tin oven with heating pipe located

inside the liner is avoided.

3) Double waves of tin oven are both of variable frequency stepless

model, with independent wave height control.

4) Durable dry-heat resistant heating pipes are located outside.

5) Auto Solder pot in/out

Control system:

1) IPC/Siemens PLC control system provides premier reliability.

2)Function of automatic overheat fault alarm is provided.

3)Machine can be powered on/off according to user date and time


Cooling System

Powerful convection blower meets the requirement of lead-free


Technical Specifications

Item Descriptions Technical Specifications

1 System Control Method Panel Control

2 Conveyor Width Max. 350mm OPTIONS : 400/450/500mm

3 PCB Conveyor Direction Left to right/ Right to left

4 PCB size 50-350mm

5 PCB Soldering Angle 4-7°

6 Claw washing motor 220V 10W

7 PCB feeding height 750±50?

8 Preheating area temperature room temperature?200?


9 Preheating area length 1800?

10 Preheating area quantity 3 sections

11 Preheating temperature control mode PID + analog value

12 Nozzle flow shifting mode oriental motor (SANYO)

13 Solder pot capacity 400?

14 Solder pot temperature Max. room temperature-350degrees

15 Tin oven temperature control mode PID control

16 Wave motor 380V 200×2 variable frequency stepless

speed regulation (Japanese)

17 Power supply 3?380V 50HZ

18 Total power Approx. 29KW

19 Dimension 4000(L)* 1400(W)* 1700(H)mm (without

guide rail)

20 Flux spraying mode Oriental motor

21 Weight Approx. 1280?

22 Flux flow volume 10-100ml/min

23 Conveyor speed 0-1800mm/min

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