NXT nozzle offered

NXT nozzle  offered

NXT nozzle  offered


NXT nozzle offered


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Goodluck Electronic Equipment Co.,Ltd

We can offer full range of NXT original new nozzle with competive price. Pls just tell me the model or P/N, we can always support them with short leadtime(no more than 3days)

NXT H08/12 0.4mm Nozzle AA05600

NXT H08/12 0.7mm Nozzle AA05700

NXT H08/12 1.0mm Nozzle AA05800

NXT H08/12 1.3mm Nozzle AA20A00

NXT H08/12 1.3 MELF Nozzle AA06400

NXT H08/12 1.8mm Nozzle AA20B03

NXT H08/12 1.8 MELF Nozzle AA19G00

NXT H08/12 2.5mm Nozzle AA20C03

NXT H04 1.3mm Nozzle AA06X08

NXT H04 2.5mm Nozzle AA06Z09

NXT H04 3.7G Nozzle AA07G06

NXT H04 5.0mm Nozzle AA07B08

NXT H04 7.0mm Nozzle AA07C06

NXT H04 1.8mm Nozzle AA06Y04

NXT H04 2.5mm Nozzle AA06Z05

NXT H04 3.7mm nozzle AA07G03

NXT H01 5.0mm Nozzle AA0HR02

NXT H01 7.0mm Nozzle AA08008

NXT H04 1.8mm Nozzle AA06Y04

NXT H04 2.5mm Nozzle AA06Z05

NXT H04 3.7mm nozzle AA07G03

AA06Z00 NOZZLE 2.5mm H04

AA07A00 NOZZLE 3.7mm H04

AA07B00 NOZZLE 5.0mm H04

AA07F00 NOZZLE 2.5G H04

AA07G00 NOZZLE 3.7G H04

AA07H00 NOZZLE 5.0G H04

AA22Z00 Nozzle Dia. 1.8 Melf **H04

AA2KE00 Nozzle Dia. 2.5 Melf **H04

AA0AS00 NOZZLE 1.0mm H01

AA0MZ00 NOZZLE 1.3 mm Melf H01

AA11R00 NOZZLE 1.8 mm Melf H01

AA07200 NOZZLE 5.0G H01

AA08100 NOZZLE 10.0mm H01

AA0AS00 H1 Nozzle 1.0 10

AA0HN H1 Nozzle 3.7 7

AA08500 H1 Nozzle 3.7G 7 AA75300

AA06W00 H4 Nozzle 1.0 10

AA07G00 H4 Nozzle 3.7G 7 AA07G03

AA07H00 H4 Nozzle 5.0G 8 AA07H03

AA20C00 H8 Nozzle 2.5 10


AA05700 H12 Nozzle 0.7mm,

AA05803 H12 Nozzle 1.0mm,

AA20A03 H12 Nozzle 1.3mm,

AA20B03 H12 Nozzle 1.8mm,

AA19G04Melf H12 Nozzle 1.8mm Melf,

AA20C03 H12 Nozzle 2.5mm,

AA20D03 H12 Nozzle 3.7mm,

AA06X08 H4 Nozzle 1.3mm,

AA06Y08 H4 Nozzle 1.8mm,

AA07F07 H4 Nozzle 2.5G,

AA07A09 H4 Nozzle 3.7mm

AA07G05 H4 Nozzle 3.7G

AA07B08 H4 Nozzle 5.0mm

AA07H05 H4 Nozzle 5.0Gmm

AA07C06 H4 Nozzle 7.0mm,

AA07K05 H4 Nozzle 7.0G,

AA08008 H1 Nozzle 7.0mm,

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Shenzhen Goodluck Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized in importing & exporting of JUKI ,YAMAHA equipment along with accessories and related peripherals equipment. We are also professional in maintenance and reparation te

Shenzhen, China


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