BICHENG Double sided PCB

BICHENG Double sided PCB

BICHENG Double sided PCB


BICHENG Double sided PCB


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Bicheng Enterprise Company

1) 190*130mm/10up, FR-4, Tg 135, CTI 175-225V

2) Dielectric constant(Er): 4.4-5.2

3) 2 layers, 1.6mm thick, 1 oz

4) Min. hole size: 0.3mm

5) Min. track/space: 4/4 mils

6) LPI Solder mask/White legend

7) Fiducial mark, tooling strips, mounting holes

8) Finish: immersion gold

Company Information:

Bicheng Enterprise Company is an established supplier and solution provider of high quality printed circuit boards(PCB). We offer prototypes and middle volume to large production including TG170, MCPCB and RO4350B material. etc.

Shenzhen, China

  • Phone 86 755 21949341
  • Fax 86 755 27374847

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