Pluspark AECS series

Pluspark AECS series

Pluspark AECS series


Pluspark AECS series


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Pluspark Electronics technology Co.,ltd

High Performance SMT aluminum electrolytic capacitors .

Pluspark electronics technology Co.,ltd Release 6 new series of aluminum electrolytic chip SMT capacitors targeted for a broad spectrum of applicaton filtering ,by passing and power supply decoupling.

Type AECS series(85 Degree C) is a general pupose type with up to 2000 hours of life time. types AECT ,,AECK,AECE,AECW,,AECN are all rated for operation at 105 degree C with each series offering unique benefits ranging from the ultralow impedance type AECE with 1000 hours life time to the voltage rating up to 50Vdc .

OEM pricing starts at us%15 per 1kpcs .

parts are available from factory stock to 7 days after receipt of your order. Full specificatons are available in the SMT &chip capacitors section of our website.

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