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AMWEI Thermistor PTC Thermistor Heater

AMWEI Thermistor PTC Thermistor Heater

AMWEI Thermistor PTC Thermistor Heater


AMWEI Thermistor PTC Thermistor Heater



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Amwei Thermistor Sensor

PTC Thermistor Heater Description

PTC Thermistors (thermal resistor), also called PTC stone, are ideal heating elements. Thanks to self-regulation properties, heating devices based on PTC thermistor technology can generally dispense with control and regulating components as well as with over-temperature protection, PTC thermistor heating elements are used wherever measurement and regulating equipment as well as heating devices must be housed in tight confines. PTC Heating elements can be designed to be square, rectangular, round, ring or doughnut form, or housed in aluminum, stainless steel, silicon casing.

PTC Heater Features

Safe through temperature limiting characteristics.

No danger of fires since there are no glowing parts.

Dynamic, self regulating, and therefore energy efficient.

No excess temperature protection required.

Voltages from 6V to 480 V; special voltage applications up to 800 V.

PTC surface temperatures can be set from 50C to 320C.

Compact design.

Long service life.

PTC Heater Application:

Household appliance: travel irons, travel jug, bread warmer, water heater, water evaporator, espresso and coffee machine, tea warmer, dishwasher, icemakers, mosquito killer, insecticide, room deodorants, dryer, dehumidifier, plug-in aroma heater, fragrance, liquid vaporizer, cabinet heater, keep-warm plates, bimetal heater for door latches of washing machine, bathroom heater, etc.

Hair care: hair curler, hair crimper, hair drier, curling brush, steam curler, curling irons, curling tongues, hot comb.

Body care: wax depilators, facial sauna, inhalators, cosmetic warmers, ultrasonic bath, other heating of laminary case.

HVAC application: PTC fan heater, air heater, air curtain, electric air fresheners, air pre-conditioning.

Industrial appliances: oil-preheating, boiler-preheating, frost protection, valve heating, mould heating, binding system, laminator, hot glue gun, switch cabinet heaters, Anti-condensation, engine preheating, plastic film welder.

Automotive appliance: vehicle interior heating, fuel preheating, diesel filter heating, crankshaft housing ventilation, nozzle heaters for windshield washers, steering wheel heater, additional cabin heating.

Medical application: Inhalers, Vaporizer, Heating of anesthesia gas,massage.

Electronics application: IC heater, video monitor system heating, TCXO heater, Liquid Crystal display, Bimetal heater, CCTC Camera Housing, Display Boards.

PTC Thermistor (thermal resistor) heating elements can also be used in Instrumentation heater, Contact lens cleaner, telecommunication enclosure cabins heater, laboratory equipment, apparatus construction, viscosity of a liquid needs to be tightly controlled, such as printing.

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Professional manufacturer of PTC & NTC thermistor, temperature sensor pressure Sensors. Thermistors for overload over-current protect, inrush current limit, temperature sense measurement compensation control, protect.

Shenzhen, China


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