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AMWEI Thermistor Axial Glass NTC thermistors

AMWEI Thermistor Axial Glass NTC thermistors

AMWEI Thermistor Axial Glass NTC thermistors


AMWEI Thermistor Axial Glass NTC thermistors



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Amwei Thermistor Sensor

Axial Leaded Glass Encapsulated NTC Thermistor for Temperature Sensing, Measurement, Detection, Indicator, Monitoring, Gauging, Control, and Compensation.

Axial Leaded Glass Encapsulated NTC Thermistor Description

AMF58 series NTC thermistor in glass encapsulated package (diode outline), with axial tinned Dumet ( Copper-Clad Ni-Fe) Wire. Widely applied in temperature measurement, detection, indicator, monitoring, gauging, control, calibration and compensation, etc.

Axial Glass Encapsulated NTC thermistor Features

Operation up to 300℃ with excellent stability.

Nominal resistance @25C can be from 2kΩ—5000 kΩ.

Tight tolerance on resistance and B value.

Glass body provides hermetic seal & voltage insulation, can operate in high temperature and

moisture environment.

Small dimension, solid, convenient for automatic installation.

Fast heat induction, high sensitivity.

Axial Glass Encapsulated NTC thermistor Application Examples:

In household electronics temperature measurement, detection and control: such as air-conditioners, micro-wave ovens, electric fans, and electric heaters, electric cookers, induction cooker, hair driers, etc.

Temperature detection and compensation of automatic office equipment, such as copiers and printers.

In heating and air conditioning (HVAC): in heating cost distributors, for room temperature monitoring, in under-flooring heating and gas boilers, for determining exhaust gas or burner temperature, outdoor temperature sensor.

Industrial electronics: for temperature stabilization of laser diodes and photo-elements, for temperature compensation in copper coils or reference point compensation of thermo-elements, etc. Also for temperature measurement and compensation of meters, instruments, integrated circuits, quartz crystal oscillators and thermocouples.

In telecommunication: for temperature measurement, compensation and control and protection of mobile phones, battery pack and battery charger, etc.

Glass encapsulated package NTC thermistor can also be used in temperature measurement, monitoring, detection and control of medical equipment, food processing equipment, climate, etc.

Company Information:

Professional manufacturer of PTC & NTC thermistor, temperature sensor pressure Sensors. Thermistors for overload over-current protect, inrush current limit, temperature sense measurement compensation control, protect.

Shenzhen, China


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