Yamaha smt machine valve

Yamaha smt machine valve

Yamaha smt machine valve


Yamaha smt machine valve


Chipshooters / Chip Mounters

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HuiKe Tech

Below are original smt yamaha smt valves in China and will be disposed at a very cheap price,contact to get a quotation:

P/N: KM1-M7163-20X Des: A010E1-37W

P/N: KM1-M7163-21X Des: A010E1-54W

P/N: KM1-M7163-30X Des: A010E1-44W

P/N: KGA-M7111-H0X Des: A041E1-48W 88X

P/N: KM5-M7174-11X Des: AME05-E2-PSL-13W

P/N: KV7-M7111-B0X Des: A041E1-11-48W

P/N: KM1-M7162-20X Des: A010E1-35W

P/N: KV8-M7162-20X Des: A010E1-55W

P/N: KV8-M7162-10X Des: A040-4E1-56W

P/N: KV8-M71YA-00X Des: A010E1-56W (48W)

P/N: KM1-M7162-11X Des: A040-4E1-54W

P/N: KU0-M3410-41X Des: A010E1-32W

P/N: KGA-M37P1-00X Des: G010HE1-5W

P/N: KV5-M7121-L0X  Des: A040-4E1-50W

P/N: KV5-M7121-R0X  Des: A040-4E1-50W

P/N: KH2-M7101-00X  Des: A040-4E1-3W YTF Head

P/N: KGA-M7111-G0X Des: A010E1-59W VALVE Blow valve

P/N: KV8-M7535-01X Des: VALVE

P/N: KGB-M7163-A0X Des: ONE SET 37W+44W+13W

P/N: KV8-M7163-A0X Des: ONE SET 37W+44W+13W

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The NO.1 One-Stop sourcing station in SMT & PCB Assembly industries with over 10 years of professional experiences,you can always get the high quality products with the cheapest price!

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