Fuji DL-S4R etc


Fuji DL-S4R etc

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South Korea

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HanKook F.A


1. Sensor S40321 DL-S4R [4pcs] 

2. Sensor AA30L00 6470V [1pcs]

3. Filter H3022L SR01 2pcs/set [1set]

4. Filter XH00810 [5pcs]

5. Sheet Rubber DNPN3572 [3pcs]

6. Pad DEPN3540 [3pcs] 

7. Photo micro Sensor BS5-EKD [1pcs] 

8. Sensor, Fiber XS01453 D107D [1pcs]

9. Vattery AL-00494635-01 H10195 [2pcs]

10. Vattery JZSP-BA01 H10212 [1pcs]

11. Fuse EMC 0.2A H2120M 2pcs/set [4set]

12. Fuse DM10 H2001R 2pcs/set [3set + 1pcs] 

13. Fuse DM20 H20013 2pcs/set [2set]

14. Fuse MTG4A50072C H2002Y [3pcs]

15. Fuse UL CSA FGMA 1A(125V) H2121A [1pcs]

16. Fuse UL CSA FGMA 3A(125V) H2124A [1pcs]

17. Contactor HP130-3V K5527T 2pcs/set [1set]

18. Photo electric Switch E3Z-D61 (12 to 24V DC) 10305 2m [4pcs]

19. Photo electric Switch Fiber Unit E32-D21L 76 2m [2pcs] 

20. Valve DS2120-2G-01 [1pcs]

21. Belt Conveyor 3155mm DEQC0220 [5pcs]

22. JIG ADNPJ8030 [2pcs]

23. Valve, SOL VQZ312-5L-C8(VQZ33A04) H1124Z 6470V [1pcs]

24. IDE-Adapter [2set]

25. Photo Sensor BYD50-DDT (12-24VDC) [1set]

26. Wrench R4031C [5pcs]

27. Wrench CGPJ1520 [1pcs]

28. Pully ADBPP8021 [2pcs]

29. Cable RH21370 [5pcs]

30. Panel Operation H1317D [1pcs]

31. Lamp X-91RH DEEM5463 [1pcs]

32. ISE30-01-25-ML(ISE3A23) [1pcs]

33. CD85N12-0017-CFK00146(1135579) [1pcs]

34. CD85N12-C017-CFK00146(1139054) [1pcs]

35. PM-L44P [2pcs]

36. 11PS-2 [1pcs]

37. 11SOL-1,4 [1pcs]

38. D-M9N D1D33 [1pcs]

39. XP1 F179 S53 / XP2 F169 S60 0501 001 [1pcs]

40. XP1 F175 S51 / XP2 F165 S58 0501 001 [1pcs]

41. XP1 F174 S50 / XP2 F164 S57 0501 001 [1pcs]

42. HM REV.4 20080109 G1a 1610 [1pcs]


if you have any other questions or need more information, just be free to let me know

I'll try my best to fit your needs! Thanks.

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HanKook F.A

HanKook F.A is buying and selling Used PCB assembly machine(Panasonic, Fuji, Universal, Dynapert, TDK, Sanyo..

, South Korea


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