SUPPLIER:  Mike Ozimek

Mydata L-019-0106B Motor

Mydata L-019-0106B Motor

Mydata L-019-0106B Motor


Mydata L-019-0106B Motor

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Pick and Place/Feeders

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$ 288.00


Ajman, USA

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Mike Ozimek

We purchase original factory excess inventory from various companies that have discontinued products that are still currently active in the field. The purpose of our company is to extend the life of your equipment investment at a much lower cost than it would take to purchase more expensive replacements. We encourage you to compare our pricing with all other suppliers.

Brand New MYDATA  L-019-0106B  Motor. Was a piece in a spare part inventory of an operation that recently shutdown. The Part is priced at a 20% discount ($288.00) to MYDATA's current replacement cost of $361.00

There are 2 of these parts available to be purchased.

All of our products are sold with a 30 day money back warranty


If you wish to wish to purchase this item, send us an email at . We will then send you an invoice through the Paypal system. That will allow you to review the terms of the purchase and complete the transaction with a standard credit card.































































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