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Samsung Samsung chip ceramic capacitor

Samsung Samsung chip ceramic capacitor

Samsung Samsung chip ceramic capacitor


Samsung Samsung chip ceramic capacitor

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Shanghai Imax Electronic Co.,ltd

CC41 / CT41 SMD Multilayer Ceramic capacitor

HV MLCC, Chip Ceramic capacitor, SMD Ceramic capacitor,Samsung SMD MLCC, high voltage MLCC, 155C / 175C / 200C high temperature MLCC


Operating Temperature Range: -55C to 200C

Rated Voltage (V): 6.3V - 10000VDC

Capacitance Range: 0.47pF - 22uF

Temperature characteristic:  NPO (COG), X7R, X5R, Y5V, Z5U

Case Size: 0201 (0603), 0402 (1005), 0603 (1608), 0805(2012), 1206 (3216), 1210 (3225), 1808 (5420), 1812 (4532), 2220 (5750), 2225 (5760)

Manufacturer Supply high voltage SMD ceramic capacitor

Such As:           

0805: 1PF~ 103(500V), 104(250V);

1206: 1PF~103(2000V), 104(500V), 154~474(250V);

1210: 1PF~102(4000V), 102~103(3000V), 104~224(500V), 224~474(250V), 105(100V);

1812(1808): 1PF~103(4000V), 153~273(3000V), 33nF (2000V), 68nF (1000V),

100nF 500V/630V, 0.15uF 100v/250, 0.22uF 100V/250v,

0.33uF 100v/250v, 0.47uf 100v/250v, 1uF 100v/250v, 2.2uF 100v

2225(2220):1PF~103(4000V), 153~223(3000V), 333~473(2000V), 0.1uF 500v/630v/1000v,

Rated Voltage: 6.3V, 10V, 16V, 25V, 50V, 100V, 200V, 500V, 1000V, 2000V, 3000V, 4000V

Capacitance: 0.47pf~100pf (101)/4000V, 120pf, 150pf, 180pf, 220pf (221)/3000V, 270pf (271)/3000V, 330pf (331), 390pf, 470pf (471)/3000V, 560pf, 680pf (681)2000V, 820pf, 1000pf (102), 1200pf, 1500pf, 1800pf, 2200pf (222), 2700pf (272), 3300pf (332), 3900pf (392), 4700pf (472), 5600pf (562), 6800pf (682), 8200pf, 10nf(103)/500V, 12nf/1000V, 15nf / 2000V /3000V, 18nf/2000V, 22nf (223)/500V/1000V, 27nf (273)500V, 33nf(333)/500V/1000V, 39nf/250V500V, 47nf (473)/500V/630v, 100nf (104) / 500V/630V/1000V, 124, 154, 184, 220nf (224)500V/1000V, 270nf (274), 0.33uf (334), 394, 470nf (474), 560nf (564), 680nf (684), 824, 1uf  (105)100V/250V, 1.2uf (125), 2.2uf (225)50V/100V/250V, 2.7uf (275)/50V/100V, 3.3uf (335)/25V/50V/100V, 4.7uf (475)16V/25V/50V, 5.6uf (565)/16V/25V/50V, 6.8uf (685) /16V /25V /50V, 10uf (106), 22uf (226)/16V/25V/50V, 0.15uF 100v/250V, 0.22uF100V/250V, 0.33uF100v/250V, 0.47uf100V/250V, 1uF 100V/250V, 2.2uF 100V, 3.3uf 25V, 4.7uf 50V, 5.6uf 25V, 6.8uf 16V, 8.2uf 16V, 10uf 25V

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Shanghai Imax Electronic Co.,ltd

Leading Manufacture Supply of Capacitors below: 1, High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors 2, High Voltage Film Capacitors 3, High Temperature Mica Capacitors 4, Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Shanghai, China

Contract Manufacturer, Manufacturer of Components

  • Phone +862160544862

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