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Vitronics 50KV 1000pf disc ceramic cap

Vitronics 50KV 1000pf disc ceramic cap

Vitronics 50KV 1000pf disc ceramic cap


Vitronics 50KV 1000pf disc ceramic cap

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Shanghai Imax Electronic Co.,ltd

CT8G HV Screw mount Ceramic Capacitor

Pulse power ceramic capacitor, Doorkonb capacitor, High Voltage Screw Ceramic Capacitor, CT8G High Voltage Bolt Ceramic Capacitor, HV ceramic capacitor


High-voltage supply for gas lasers

High-voltage dividers

Marx generators

Power generators

High-voltage power supply

High-voltage coupling devices

Power line coupling system for Internet & Telecom

Gas Lasers

DC Power Supplies

Electrostatic Copying Machines

Lightning Arrestor

AC Voltage Distribution

X-Ray Power Supplies

Rated Voltage: 10KV, 15KV, 20KV, 30KV, 35KV, 40KV, 50KV, 80KV, 100KV, 150KV

Capacitance: 20pf, 40pf, 68pf, 80pf, 100pf (101), 140pf, 190pf (191), 280pf, 370pf, 400pf, 440pf (441), 500pf (501), 560pf (561), 590pf (591), 700pf, 750pf, 1000pf (102), 1300pf, 1400pf, 1500pf (152), 1700pf, 1900pf, 2000pf (202), 2200pf (222), 2500pf, 2700pf (272), 2800pf, 3000pf (302), 3300pf (332), 3500pf (352), 4000pf, 4500pf (452), 5000pf, 5300pf, 6000pf (602), 8000pf, 10nf (103)


Operating Temperature Range: -30C + 125C

Rated Voltage (V): 10KV -150KVDC

Capacitance Range: 10pF - 20000pF

Operating frequency: 20KHZ~1000KHZ

Materials: NPO, N4700, Y5S, Y5T, X7R, Y5V, Y5U

Capacitance tolerance: ±0.25 PF, ±0.5 PF, ± 5% ,± 10%, ± 20% ,+ 80%- 20%,

Mostly used key words,

High voltage ceramic capacitor, high voltage doorknob capacitor, HV disc ceramic capacitor

12Kvac: 1000pf

15kv: 1000pf, 2200pf, 2500pf, 5300pf

20kv: 68pf, 100pf, 1000pf, 2000pf, 3300pf, 4000pf, 5000pf, 6000pf, 8000pf, 10000pf, 20000pf, 30000pf, 50000pf, 100000pf, 200000pf

30kv: 100pf, 500pf, 510pf, 1000pf, 1500pf, 2000pf, 2200pf, 2700pf, 3000pf, 3900pf, 5000pf, 6000pf, 6800pf, 8000pf, 10000pf, 15000pf, 20000pf, 50000pf, 100000pf, 200000pf

35kv: 1500pf, 2700pf, 3000pf, 3800pf, 4500pf, 6000pf

40kv: 100pf, 120pf, 130pf, 140pf, 150pf, 160pf, 200pf, 250pf, 330pf, 400pf, 500pf,1000pf, 1200pf, 1600pf, 2000pf, 3000pf, 3300pf, 4700pf, 5000pf, 5600pf, 6000pf, 7500pf, 8200pf, 10000pf, 15000pf, 25000pf, 35000pf, 50000pf

45kv: 570pf, 710pf

50kv: 20pf, 560pf, 600pf, 750pf, 1000pf, 1800pf, 2000pf, 3000pf, 4000pf, 4800pf, 5000pf, 8000pf, 10000pf, 15000pf, 20000pf

60kv: 500pf, 3000pf, 10000pf

80kv: 1000pf, 2000pf

100kv: 500pf, 700pf, 825pf, 1000pf

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Shanghai Imax Electronic Co.,ltd

Leading Manufacture Supply of Capacitors below: 1, High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors 2, High Voltage Film Capacitors 3, High Temperature Mica Capacitors 4, Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Shanghai, China

Contract Manufacturer, Manufacturer of Components

  • Phone +862160544862

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