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Fuji NXT COPY NEW NOZZLE list attac


Fuji NXT COPY NEW NOZZLE list attac


Pick and Place/Feeders

Model Year:






Offered by:

Goldland Electronic Technology Company Limited

      P/N                                Model

R07-007-070              H08/H12   0.7     nozzle

R07-010-070              H08/H12    1.0    nozzle

R07-013-070              H08/H12   1.3    nozzle

R07-013M-070 Melf   H08/H12   1.3M    nozzle

R07-018-070              H08/H12   1.8    nozzle

R07-018M-070 Melf   H08/H12   1.8M    nozzle

R07-025-070              H08/H12   2.5    nozzle

R07-025G-070           H08/H12   2.5G    nozzle

R07-037-070              H08/H12   3.7    nozzle

R07-037G-070           H08/H12   3.7G    nozzle

R19-010-155              H04    1.0    nozzle

R19-013-155              H04   1.3    nozzle

R19-018-155              H04    1.8    nozzle

R19-025-155              H04    2.5    nozzle

R19-025G-155           H04    2.5G    nozzle

R19-037-155              H04    3.7    nozzle

R19-037G-155           H04    3.7G    nozzle

R19-050-155              H04    5.0    nozzle

R19-070-155              H04    7.0    nozzle

R36-025G-260           H01    2.5G    nozzle

R36-037G-260           H01    3.7G    nozzle

R36-050-260              H01    5.0    nozzle

R36-050G-260           H01    5.0G    nozzle

R36-070-260              H01    7.0    nozzle

R36-100-260              H01    10.0    nozzle

R36-100G-260           H01   10.0G    nozzle

R36-150G-260           H01    15.0G    nozzle  Hello Sir, there are gpod quanlity copy new NXT nozzle for sale. The list is above. Please kindly let us know if you need. Thanks& Best Regards, Sophy

Company Information:

Goldland Electronic Technology Company Limited

Goldland Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is a wholesaler of SMT machine and spare parts. We provide FUJI PANASONIC SIPLACE YAMAHA JUKI SAMSUNG SMT pick and place machine and spare parts. We always have large stocks of these device.

ShenZhen, China

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  • Phone 0086-13823675048
  • Fax 0086-755-27363905

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