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If you are working with the smallest of small, surface mount components in either placement or rework of, this is the course for you.

This two (2) day Advanced Surface Mount Micro Hand Soldering program focuses on the proper techniques for placement, soldering and rework of fine pitch surface mount components such as chip components ranging in size from 0603, 0402, 0201, 01005, as well as multi-leaded extra fine pitch devices.

This course is an extensive and repetitive “hands-on” experience. With approximately 75% of the time spent doing, students experience the technology first hand and practice the procedures again and again to perfect their skills. Soldering will be performed in both a lead and lead-free environment to gain addition experience and understanding of the impact to soldering with these alloys.

In addition, discussions covering the importance of micro component placement and how to make electrical connections with a soldering iron or hot air gasses, reviewing fluxes, solder selection and the soldering process round out the students understanding of the procedures, tools and materials involved.

Note: This is an Advanced Program
Students must have successfully completed EPTAC’s Surface Mount Soldering Certification program or similar program. Verification of your prior certification and/or current soldering skills will be requested to confirm your preparedness to attend this course prior to enrollment.


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