Hand Solder Rev 8 Certification Course


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New Hampshire, Manchester | May. 10 - May. 14, 2021


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Using both lead and lead-free alloys, Hand Soldering Operator Certification introduces the basics of soldering in Wires & Terminals, Through-Hole and Surface Mount Technologies and Rework. Students will learn about electrostatic discharge, industry terminology, equipment familiarization and the accept/reject criteria for all three technologies. Hands-on efforts include the soldering and inspection of five (5) different types of terminal connections; the assembly, soldering, inspection and rework of two (2) through-hole boards with 100 inspection points; and the assembly, soldering, inspection and rework of a surface mount board with over sixty components. This program is a “hands-on” experience. With approximately 75% of the time spent doing, students experience the technology first hand.



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