IPC Advanced Designer Certification (CID+) Training Course


IPC Designer Certification CID+

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New Hampshire, Manchester | Jun. 27 - Jun. 30, 2022


To inquire about the IPC Advanced Designer Certification (CID+) Training Course visit Eptac at:  https://www.eptac.com/class/ipc-advanced-designer-certification/

Continuing the educational series for PCB Design, the IPC Advanced Designer Certification or CID+ (Advanced Certified Interconnect Designer) is the ultimate professional industry certification for a designer looking to obtain what we would consider the highest possible PCB Design status in the industry. This certification gains you instant recognition in the industry as a designer that has obtained, executed and applied the concepts of design from schematic capture to production of a final product rolling out the door.

This 4-day, lectured course (3-days lecture, 1-day testing and review), delves into design and fabrication issues that go beyond the fundamentals of layout, component placement and routing consideration to understanding fabrication materials, testing of not only electrical, but physical aspects of boards, electrical and signaling issues, complex component mounting strategies and requirements, and fabrication considerations for high end designs and circuitry.

Taught by recognized industry professionals, this program enhances your experience by exposing you to IPC Certified Instructors that have a broad expertise and appreciation for the process. Although this course is open to anyone who has completed the IPC Designer Certification CID and is involved in the development, design and fabrication, at any level from sales, management, procurement, or quality in printed circuit board production, it is primarily taken for the advancement of the designer.

Upon successful completion of the course and passing of the exam, you will receive a certification that is recognized throughout the industry, bringing additional credentials to your technical expertise.



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