IPC J-STD-001 Trainer (CIT) Recertification Course


IPC J-STD-001 Trainer (CIT) Recert.

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Illinois, Rolling Meadows | Nov. 15 - Nov. 16, 2018

Michigan, Auburn Hills | Oct. 10 - Oct. 11, 2018

Michigan, Auburn Hills | Nov. 29 - Nov. 30, 2018


IPC J-STD-001, Requirements for Soldered Eletrical and Electronic Assemblies, has emerged as the preeminent authority for electronics assembly manufacturing worldwide. The standard describes materials, methods, and verification criteria for producing high-quality soldered leaded and lead-free interconnections. It emphasizes process control and establishes industry-consensus requirements for a broad range of electrical connections. This particular course material is taught for those wishing to have an IPC J-STD-001 certification as an instructor.

The IPC J-STD-001 Certification for CIT’s prepares individuals to deliver certified IPC Specialist (CIS) training and helps enhance employee skill and performance. Additionally, you can use the IPC certification program to address the standard's training requirement. The IPC J-STD-001 Certified IPC Trainer (CIT) course provides individuals with a portable credential which recognizes associates soldering skills and understanding of this internationally recognized standard. The JSTD certification program is designed for those assembling electronic assemblies or attaching wires and cables to electronic assemblies.


The IPC J-STD-001 Certified IPC Trainer (CIT) course is built on a train-the-trainer instructional model. The training program uses soldering labs and demonstrations, as well as classroom discussion to teach the standard criteria. IPC J-STD-001 certified instructor candidates who successfully complete the soldering workmanship portions of the course and the certification examinations are given instructional materials needed for training operators. The IPC J-STD-001 training program is design as a portable credential that goes with the employee. The J-STD-001 certification program credential is valid for a two year period of time. Potential candidates for this IPC training program should have at least a 5th grade reading comprehension level.

BEST Inc. instruction is different from most training centers as we test on inspection skills as part of Module 5. Students are shown various PCBs, as well as terminals, and then are asked to identify defects.


  • Demonstrate lab soldering that meets the minimum requirements of the IPC J-STD-001 certification program
  • Be able to reference the IPC J-STD-001 certification and look up and interpret specifications that are part of the J-STD-001 standard
  • Be able to proficently conduct Certified IPC Specialist IPC J-STD-001(CIS) training
  • Explain IPC terminology and definitions
  • Earn an overall score of 80% or better on the IPC written examinations in order to become certified in the J-STD-001 certification program.


  • Instructor guide with lesson plans, reference material, and training guidance
  • Copy of the IPC J-STD-001, Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies
  • Artwork for soldering test boards
  • Written tests for CIS courses with answer sets
  • A CD-Rom with visual aids and electronic copies of training-support forms
  • IPC certificate of completion

Along with the materials provided after successfully completing the IPC J-STD-001 certification  program the instructor’s site will require soldering equipment and soldering supplies, an overhead projector along with a computer to play the slide show that is the learning material for the JSTD certification program. In addition the instructor may want to augment this material along with additional samples, examples and other written materials for a complete IPC J-STD-001 certification program experience. 



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This video describes the J-STD-001 solder certification program. It is an overview of the program, the certification requirements and the types of credentials.

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