IPC J-STD-001 Trainer (CIT) Certification Training Course


IPC J-STD-001 Trainer (CIT)

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California, Fremont | Sep. 15 - Sep. 18, 2020

California, Fremont | Oct. 12 - Oct. 16, 2020

California, Fremont | Nov. 16 - Nov. 20, 2020

California, Fremont | Dec. 07 - Dec. 11, 2020


IPC's J-STD-001 Training and Certification Program provides individuals with a valuable, portable credential that recognizes their understanding of the J-STD-001. This program is offered as a service to industry, therefore its adoption is not a precondition for any company to purchase the standard or claim that they build product to its requirements.


Those interested in company-wide quality assurance initiatives have an IPC-sponsored program to support their commitment to continuous operations and product improvement. IPC recognition sends a strong message to customers that your company is serious about implementing J-STD-001.


  • General requirements, such as safety, tools and electrostatic discharge (ESD).
  • Wire and terminal assembly requirements, demonstrations and laboratory.
  • Through hole technology requirements, demonstrations and laboratory.
  • Surface mount technology requirements, demonstrations and laboratory.
  • General soldered connection acceptance requirements.
  • Machine and reflow soldering process requirements.
  • Test methods and related standards.
  • Using statistical process control methodology.

After a CIT successfully completes the course and gains a certification, then the CIT may return to his/her company and is authorized to teach/certify coworkers to the CIS level.



  • PA | ACI Technologies, Inc.
  • AZ, CO | Blackfox Training Institute, LLC
  • FL | Justice Electronic Training Services
  • | PIEK International Education Centre
  • WA, CT, NH, MO, NY, CA, FL, IL, ON, PA, MN | EPTAC Corporation
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