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Pennsylvania, Philadelphia | Nov. 29 - Nov. 30, 2021


The Design for Manufacturability (DFM) program helps companies respond to a simple fact: the opportunity to influence the cost of new product is greatest early in the life cycle of a product. ACI, as the National Center of Excellence in Electronics Manufacturing, has developed a program that provides a combination of lecture and factory experience, all housed in the same facility. The objective is to enable companies to setup effective DFM programs within their own facilities. The first day of the two-day program provides students with classroom sessions and templates for use in their own facilities. Day two provides hands-on factory experience, assembling and processing a demonstration printed wire assembly (PWA), which is intended to show the benefits and consequences of decisions made at the design level.

Who Should Attend

Program managers, design engineers, quality managers, engineering managers and engineers responsible for taking a design concept through inception to market will benefit from this course.


Participants will learn to reduce design to market cycle time, parts costs, production cycle time while improving product quality.


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