IPC J-STD-001 Trainer (CIT) Certification Training Course


IPC J-STD-001 Trainer (CIT)

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Pennsylvania, Philadelphia | Feb. 08 - Feb. 12, 2021

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia | Apr. 26 - Apr. 30, 2021

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia | Jun. 07 - Jun. 11, 2021

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia | Aug. 16 - Aug. 20, 2021

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia | Oct. 04 - Oct. 08, 2021

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia | Dec. 06 - Dec. 10, 2021


As an authorized training provider, ACI offers IPC certification to our IPC J-STD-001F customers. It includes an in-depth study, hands-on application of the National Standard for Soldering, and all the materials necessary for the successful student candidate. All of the advantages of an accredited certification program apply to this industry association program such as: industry communication links to the experts, customer recognition and credibility.

Who Should Attend

Technical trainers, solder training instructors, process engineers, manufacturing supervisors or lead technicians who are responsible for the assembly of equipment built to the requirements of IPC J-STD-001F.


  • Applicable Documents • Printed Circuit Board Requirements
  • Cleaning Process Requirements • Product Assurance
  • Coating and Encapsulation • Rework and Repair Requirements
  • General Soldering and Assembly Requirements • Safety and Electronics
  • Instructor Skills • Scope and General Requirements
  • IPC Policies and Procedures • Surface Mounting of Components
  • Lead-Free Acceptance Criteria • Through-Hole Mounting and Terminations
  • Material, Component and Equipment Requirements • Wire and Terminal Connections


  • Learn the technical requirements of the IPC J-STD-001.
  • Understand the guidelines prescribed by IPC J-STD-001 for tools, equipment, SMD placement,
  • PTH component mounting, material and process compatibility and SPC.
  • Learn the differences in workmanship and inspection criteria for the three equipment classes covered by IPC standards.
  • Students receive a CIT Instructor Student Manual; IPC J-STD-001 (current revision); AJ-820A and a CD-ROM which includes certification and recertification visual presentations and IPC J-STD-001
  • Instructor Guide for training Certified IPC Specialists.
  • Graduates receive a CIT certificate from an IPC Certified Master Instructor which is valid for two years.



  • WA, CA, FL, ON, NY, NH, IL, MO, CT, MN | EPTAC Corporation
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