IPC-7711/7721 Specialist (CIS) Certification Training Course


IPC-7711/7721 Specialist (CIS)

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Florida, Orlando | Aug. 24 - Aug. 28, 2020

Florida, Orlando | Oct. 26 - Oct. 30, 2020


The IPC-7711/7721 course is a 5 day advanced course designed for those responsible for the quality and reliability of reworked, repaired and modified electronic assemblies.  Anyone involved in the rework of electronic components, or the repair of printed circuit assemblies should become certified including manufacturing assemblers, electronic technicians, and Engineers.

Students are required to be experienced solderers prior to attending this course, and should be IPC-A-610 and/or J-STD-001 certified with proficient soldering skills.  Prior rework/repair skills is helpful as this course is a comprehensive certification program consisting of 80% hands on applications involving several skill levels including:

  • Splices  (Hook, Wrap, Mesh, and Lap)
  • Jumper wire attachment
  • Through-hole component rework
  • Surface Mount Rework
  • Laminate repair
  • PWB Conductor repair
  • Through-hole Barrel Replacement
  • Component Removal – SMT and Through-Hole (PTH)
  • Component Replacement- SMT and Through-Hole (PTH)
  • Pad and Land repair
  • Conformal Coat Removal-Replacement

All students attending class will Utilize the IPC-7711, Rework of Electronic Assemblies, specifications and the IPC-7721, Repair and Modification of Printed Boards and electronic assemblies, and will apply the many practical exercises to reinforce their understanding of how to utilize the different technologies presented.

You will learn how to utilize hot air equipment designed for the safe removal of Surface mount components including:  SOT’s, SOIC, QFP, PLCC, BGA’s, CGA’s etc.  The IPC-7711/7721 Document will guide you through applications on removal of components through the use of bridge fill methods, solder wrapping and flux applications.  The document presents the proper tooling and equipment necessary to perform all tasks associated with the rework, repair and modification of electrical and electronic assemblies.

Experience first hand how to replace a Plated Through Hole (Barrel Replacement) with the proper tooling.  Learn the 5 different types of conformal coating and how to identify, remove and the appropriate repair procedures for each coating application, including scraping, micro-blasting, thermal and grinding methods.   Experience the removal and replacement of conformal coating first hand.  Learn to repair damaged PCB laminate surfaces and the correct procedure of applying epoxy fill material.



  • CO, AZ | Blackfox Training Institute, LLC
  • PA | ACI Technologies, Inc.
  • CA | STM Service To Mankind
  • NM | Electronic Workmanship Standards Institute
  • NH, IL, FL, MN, ON, WA | EPTAC Corporation
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