IPC-A-610 Specialist (CIS) Certification Training Course


IPC-A-610 Specialist (CIS)

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Florida, Orlando | Aug. 17 - Aug. 19, 2020

Florida, Orlando | Sep. 28 - Sep. 30, 2020

Florida, Orlando | Oct. 13 - Oct. 15, 2020

Florida, Orlando | Nov. 23 - Nov. 25, 2020

Florida, Orlando | Dec. 14 - Dec. 16, 2020


This lectured course utilizes the images in the IPC-A-610 document to provide visual accept/reject criteria examples for all three classes of assembly production–for both lead and lead-free. The IPC-A-610, "The Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies", is the most widely used inspection specification for the PWB assembly industry.

The IPC-A-610 will be covered in its entirety. As part of the requirements for certification, Certified IPC Specialist students must score at least a 70% average and no single score less than 70% on the final examinations.

Specialist Certification training is a 3-day, lecture course for anyone responsible for the quality and reliability of electronic assemblies. This includes engineers, quality supervisors, inspectors and manufacturing personnel responsible for quality assurance.

Topics Include:

  • Handling electronic assemblies
  • Inspecting soldered connections for terminal and plated through-holes
  • Identifying fractured solder due to cutting
  • Understanding ECO jumper wire practices
  • Addressing mechanical assembly requirements
  • Recognizing acceptable surface mounting for all surface mount components.



  • CO, AZ | Blackfox Training Institute, LLC
  • PA | Technical Training Center
  • CA | STM Service To Mankind
  • NM | Electronic Workmanship Standards Institute
  • MO, NH, NY, ON, CA, FL, CT, IL, MN, OH, PA, WA | EPTAC Corporation
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