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This advanced level course provides instruction on effective techniques for the conductive and convective removal and replacement for advanced SMT packages including: 0402 and 0201 chip style parts, 15 and 20 mil pitch TSOP and QFP's, PLCC sockets, full and perimeter array BGA's, and mirco BGA's. During this course, the student will be introduced to advanced SMT packaging, solder paste requirements, and dispensing techniques, maual, semi-automated and automated convective reflow techniques, BGA profiling and reflow process development and x-ray inspection interpretations of BGA's. Ths course is structured to be in accordance with IPC-A-610 and IPC 7711.

Topics Covered:

  • ESD
  • Component ID
  • IPC Class 2 workmanship standards
  • Through-hole soldering
  • Surface mount soldering

This is a 3-day, customizable primarily hands-on course. It is an advanced skills course, designed to teach selected content to soldering techs who have some experience in soldering. Students will demonstrate soldering skills and those who meet the class soldering standards will receive a BEST certificate of completion.


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