IPC-A-610 (CIS) Training Specialist Course


IPC-A-610 Specialist (CIS)

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Illinois, Rolling Meadows | Aug. 26 - Aug. 28, 2019

Illinois, Rolling Meadows | Dec. 16 - Dec. 18, 2019

Michigan, Auburn Hills | Sep. 23 - Sep. 25, 2019


IPC A-610 CIS Training

The IPC-A-610, Acceptability of Electronics Assemblies is the most widely used specification published by the IPC for the electronics manufacturing industry. This publication is a visual document that provides comprehensive accept/reject criteria for handling of electronic assemblies, mechanical assemblies, component installation, location, orientation, soldering, cleanliness of assemblies, marking of assemblies, coatings, laminate conditions, discrete wiring assembly, and surface mount assemblies.

IPC-A-610 Operator/Inspector training,  otherwise known as IPC-A-610 CIS training, students to become a certified IPC specialist will entail them be evaluated on their mastery of looking up specifications in the  IPC-A-610 spec. The IPC-A-610 CIS program is a lecture-only course and does NOT include hand soldering as part of this certification. The IPC-A 610 CIS specialist carries a 2-year credentialing cycle.


  • Be able to make correct “accept/reject” decisions for the appropriate class/classes of production based on the acceptability requirements of IPC-A-610
  • Be able to reference the IPC-A-610 standard
  • Each certified IPC specialist will earn the overall score of 70% or better average score on IPC examinations in order for certification.


  • IPC-A-610 specification
  • IPC certificate of completion

IPC-A-610 CIS training can be accommodated in a  variety of forums and locations. Some of these locations include: at your facility, at a local hotel, in the BEST mobile training center, at one of the BEST training centers or a 3rd party location. BEST IPC-A-610 CIS training can take place in a variety of foreign languages including Spanish and mandarin.



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