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Pennsylvania, Philadelphia | Aug. 12, 2021

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia | Oct. 15, 2021


Within a modern electronics assembly plant, it is vital that all employees are familiar with the terms, processes and equipment used in the industry. Improved communications between the team equates to higher efficiency and profitability. This one day course introduces the attendee to just that - the terms, equipment and processes common in a modern electronics assembly plant. This format is ideal for people who are indirectly involved with but need to understand the processes.

Who Should Attend

Newly hired personnel, administrators, sales representatives, and accounting staff will all benefit from an understanding of the terms, processes and equipment used within a modern electronics assembly plant.


  • Assembly process overview: all stages must work together to form an integrated overall process to ensure that quality is maintained and that any problems are detected quickly can be remedied
  • Cleaning: the performance and reliability of a circuit board are directly linked to its cleanliness
  • Component identification: identify and understand the different types of parts used in soldered electronic assemblies
  • Failure analysis: the importance of finding the the root cause of issues
  • Industry standards (such as IPC J-STD-001, A-610): maintaining quality standards is a key factor in customer satisfaction and a means of ensuring efficiency in manufacturing operations
  • Pick and place: accurately place large numbers of components quickly onto circuit boards
  • Reflow ovens and profiling: understanding these settings improves manufacturing processes and productivity
  • Rework: refinishing operation or repair of an electronic printed circuit board assembly
  • Solder paste faces increasingly demanding performance requirements in the printed circuit board manufacturing process
  • Stencil printing: a highly reliable, fast and accurate means of applying solder paste; this process can also applying adhesives, fluxes and conductive epoxies
  • Wave, selective and hand soldering: the soldering process is the very core of the electronics manufacturing universe
  • X-ray: method of inspection to verify quality and detect issues


Upon completion of this survey course, individuals will have a better understanding of the terminology, processes and equipment utilized within a modern electronics assembly plant. A more knowledgeable support staff can improve the overall operation of your company. Improved communications between personnel leads to a more efficient and profitable operation.


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