Managing and Improving Reliability within electronics product design


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Set up and manage World Class Electronic Reliability Improvement Programmes to drive Failure Rate Reduction.

Training Overview

What could an unreliable product really cost your company?

  • Your credibility ?
  • Your reputation ?
  • Your future ?

Markets are demanding cheaper, more reliable electronic products and systems and many manufacturers find that traditional, established procedures and processes. Yet in today’s market-driven climate you need, even more, to review procedures, examine options and pursue cost-effective solutions that will allow you to stay competitive and profitable, and increase your market credibility.
Reliability enhancement is now within everyone’s reach
Leading-edge reliability enhancement technologies used to be regarded as solely the province of safety-critical avionics and aerospace applications.
But things change. These technologies are now within the grasp of all electronic designers and manufacturers; crucially the benefits in reliability that they bring are now expected by the market are now being questioned.
The idea of running months of extensive reliability testing is fast becoming a luxury – and one that few can justify.
Global customers seek out suppliers whose enhanced reliability performance improves their own market penetration and consolidates their own position – the rewards are substantial for those suppliers ready to meet the new demands.

How will this course benefits your company?

  • Streamline your Reliability Testing and ensure only the most effective testing is performed
  • Greatly Increase your capability of defect detection
  • Drive Lowest field failure rates very quickly
  • Drive Down cost of Failure in the field
  • Lower the cost of your Reliability testing
  • Bring engineers together in their understanding of reliability and how to improve it at all levels
  • Provide a focused approach to Continual Improvement
  • Bring BETTER quality new products into the market quicker
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction

These 2 days masterclass will have a good balance of Practical and theory. Initial theory to set the scene goes quickly into multiple case studies so participants learn quickly how to do similar on their own product types.

Participant will received take home material: The reliability handbook is a great short summary book where participant can read for easy reference and understanding after the training. It lays out how to develop accelerated stress test programme and how to make reliability predictions. It also provides simple to understand summary of basic theory that any engineer can read to get a good base understanding of the subject.

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