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Distributor of Watlow Brand of Heaters, Controllers, Sensors/ Trumpf Trumark 1108 & 5008 / Offers Laser Marking Services / Berkshire dealer / Supplier of Fume Extractor and Soldering Tips by Waterun..

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Invensys Triconex 3701 3701 0-10Vdc Analogue Input

Invensys Triconex 3701 3701 0-10Vdc Analogue Input

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Cambia Automation Limited       Contact  Freely Manager: Leeta Wu Email: company Mobile: +86 15960236674 Skype: +86 5960236674(Whatsapp/ Wechat) You Want to Know Wa

Cambia Automation Limited



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Product highlights Brand new and original in box--2-3 days against the payment --1 Year Warranty-- Full Tested -- Worldwide Shipping -- Good  Service.. Emergency Shipping   Contact us anytime Email: Wechat/skype/Mobile: +86 1359

Cambia Automation Limited

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Reflow soldering through hole parts

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 29 16:12:05 EST 2001 | bill_scholl

I have been told that is is possible to reflow solder through hole components. Can anyone confirm this is being done reliably? If so, what are the required equipment, steps and processes? What is the reliability of the solder joints? Is this a genera

Reflow soldering through hole parts

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 29 20:31:44 EST 2001 | davef

It's common. We've talked about it here several times. Hopefully the fine SMTnet Archive that are available are helpful. If there not talk back. Other sites that are sources of information are: * SMT Magazine * Bob Willis * Phil Zarrow * Amp[c

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Fuji CP-643E

Fuji CP-643E

Used SMT Equipment | Chipshooters / Chip Mounters

1999 Fuji CP-643E SMT Pick & Place Approx Dimensions: 16'2" x 78" x 76" Location: Jasper, IN USA Serial: 1108 Features: o 4800 Vision Card o Narrow and Wide Camera o Capable of 0402 Component part placement o Pam Data Provided o Copy of Machine Prop

Baja Bid

Fuji for sales...........

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Many Fuji Sparr parts for sales.. No Part No. Description Qty. Machine 1 GPH4580 HOLDER 7 CP43 2 MPH0472 PISTON 19 CP43 3 GPL1200 PIN 8 CP43 4 S1046A CIR-CLIP WR19 10 CP43 5 PPQ1020 PIN,LOCATING 1 CP43 6 GXT2333 HOLDER,PIN 2 CP43 7 MPA5031 COLLAR 2 C

ShenZhen SiMTai Electronics CO.,Ltd.

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Fuji Servo Motor Amplifier XB02290 , Servo Driver Board / System Board / SMT CPU Board

Fuji Servo Motor Amplifier XB02290 , Servo Driver Board / System Board / SMT CPU Board

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NXT CPU BOX SERVO AMP XB02290 SMT CPU board, system board , driver board FH1011B-0 BOARD FH1015A-0 BOARD FH1108B PC BOARD FH1119AO QP3 BOARD(PCB) FR0000465 FS-V21R-0 FU-67V-0 GFQC0020 PLATE GFQC1220 CYLINDER GFTR8220 TIMING PULLEY GFTR8

KingFei SMT Tech

Panasonic KXFE001EA00 Surface Mount PCB Assembly Board For Panasonic SP60 SMT Printer Machine

Panasonic KXFE001EA00 Surface Mount PCB Assembly Board For Panasonic SP60 SMT Printer Machine

Parts & Supplies | Circuit Board Assembly Products

KXFE001EA00 PCB Assy board for Panasonic SP60 SMT Printer machine 200403110946030 KXFE001EA00-M0000-00 KXFK000HA00 CPU BOX & Wiring CPU BOX N610072911AA BOX SP60/80:CPU-BOX N263ZUG2-023 NOISE-FILTER Zug2206-11S KXFP02JAA00 CIRCUIT-PROTECTOR NRF

KingFei SMT Tech

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An Investigation of Whisker Growth on Tin Coated Wire and Braid

Technical Library | 2012-08-02 21:05:14.0

First published in the 2012 IPC APEX EXPO technical conference proceedings. Pure tin is a common finish for copper hook up wire, coaxial cable, ground braid and harness assemblies used on electronic assemblies. Historically there have been fewer reports o

Rockwell Collins

Comparing Costs and ROI of AOI and AXI

Technical Library | 2013-08-07 21:52:15.0

PCB architectures have continued their steep trend toward greater complexities and higher component densities. For quality control managers and test technicians, the consequence is significant. Their ability to electrically test these products is compounded with each new generation. Probe access to high density boards loaded with micro BGAs using a conventional in-circuit (bed-of-nails) test system is greatly reduced. The challenges and complexity of creating a comprehensive functional test program have all but assured that functional test will not fill the widening gap. This explains why sales of automated-optical and automated X-ray inspection (AOI and AXI) equipment have dramatically risen...


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IPC-7711/7721 Trainer (CIT) Certification Training Course

Training Courses | | | IPC-7711/7721 Trainer (CIT)

The Certified IPC-7711/7721 Trainer (CIT) courses recognize individuals as qualified trainers in the area of rework and repair of printed boards and electronic assemblies and prepares them to deliver Certified IPC-7711/7721 (CIS) training.

EPTAC Corporation

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