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Manufacturer of automated production systems;PCB magazine loader,PCB separator,PCB cutting machine,PCB unloaders, PCB conveyors,PCB depaneling machines,PCB turn conveyors,PCB conformal coaters,PCB solder paste printer,PCB buffer

PCB magazine loader quickly loading PCB into SMT line

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Industrial zone, Da sha village, Dalingshan town
Dongguan, Guangdong, 523821

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new reflow oven - which model/brand/ to choose?

iv40  9/27/2021 6 posts

Hi all, our company planning to buy a new /third/ smd line.I have choose P&P ,and solder paste printer , but I hesitate about reflow oven.Now we have two smd lines.The first oven is a old ersa hotfow5 - very robust machine. The second reflow oven is heller 1809 - a lot of problem with the fans - every mont must to change fans. Becouse last few years i have not information for the new models ovens, I would like you to share your experience with such machines.We use lead free paste, the passiv

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Count On Tools, Inc. - COT specializes in high quality SMT nozzles and consumables for pick and place machines. We provide special engineering design service of custom nozzles for those unique and odd components.

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Trung Nam Electronics Manufacturing Services - Trung Nam EMS is specializing in end to end Custom Electronic Manufacturing (Design, PCBA, box build,...) located in Da Nang, Viet Nam. Our primary objective is competive pricing in any volume and fast turn arround

Gearbox Europlacer - Surface mount pick and place manufacturer

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Applying Microscopic Analytic Techniques For Failure Analysis In Electronic Assemblies


Alternative Methods For Cross-Sectioning Of SMT And PCB Related Architectures

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Physics of Failure (PoF) Based Lifetime Prediction of Power Electronics at the Printed Circuit Board Level

Cranfield University

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Dual Lane Reflow Oven