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Arrival Electronics

Arrival Electronics

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One of the UK's leading independent Kitting & Manufacturing specialists, offering a range of component management services as well as being unique in offering design support services.

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Solder Wire, Roll Solder, Amtech

Solder Wire, Roll Solder, Amtech

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We stock Amtech and Chip Quik wire roll solder in both lead and lead free.  Sizes as small as .010" Call (888) 406-2830

Precision PCB Services, Inc

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Accomplished North American Sales Manager Joins Europlacer North America

Industry News | 2011-09-19 15:55:18.0

Europlacer has added a new member to its sales team this month - North American Sales Manager Chris Merow.


ZESTRON and Accelonix Team Up with Humiseal to Hold Free-of-Charge Cleaning and Conformal Coating Workshops in China

Industry News | 2011-04-07 18:27:18.0

ZESTRON will team up with its sales partner Accelonix and the well-known coating material supplier Humiseal to hold an extensive free-of-charge 2-day workshop on April 13th and 14th in Zhuhai and on April 19th and 20th, 2011 at ZESTRON’s Technical Center in Shanghai, China.

ZESTRON Americas

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Rework Challenges for Smart Phones and Tablets

Technical Library | 2015-04-23 18:48:18.0

Smart phones are complex, costly devices and therefore need to be reworked correctly the first time. In order to meet the ever-growing demand for performance, the complexity of mobile devices has increased immensely, with more than a 70% greater number of packages now found inside of them than just a few years ago. For instance, 1080P HD camera and video capabilities are now available on most high end smart phones or tablet computers, making their production more elaborate and expensive. The printed circuit boards for these devices are no longer considered disposable goods, and their bill of materials start from $150.00, with higher end smart phones going up to $238.00, and tablets well over $300.00.


Compatibility of Cleaning Agents With Nano-Coated Stencils

Technical Library | 2013-03-12 13:25:18.0

High density and miniaturized circuit assemblies challenge the solder paste printing process. The use of small components such as 0201, 01005 and μBGA devices require good paste release to prevent solder paste bridging and misalignment. When placing these miniaturized components, taller paste deposits are often required. To improve solder paste deposition, a nano-coating is applied to laser cut stencils to improve transfer efficiency. One concern is the compatibility of the nano-coating with cleaning agents used in understencil wipe and stencil cleaning. The purpose of this research is to test the chemical compatibility of common cleaning agents used in understencil wipe and stencil cleaning processes.Compatibility of Cleaning Agents With Nano-Coated Stencils

KYZEN Corporation

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IPC J-STD-001 Trainer (CIT) Recertification Course

Training Courses | | | IPC J-STD-001 Trainer (CIT) Recert.

The Certified IPC J-STD-001 Trainer (CIT) recertification courses are intended for those individuals who were previously accredited to provide Certified IPC J-STD-001 (CIS) training.

Blackfox Training Institute, LLC

IPC-A-600 Specialist (CIS) Certification Training Course

Training Courses | | | IPC-600 Specialist (CIS)

The Certified IPC-600 Specialist (CIS) training targets quality assurance and acceptance of bare printed circuit boards.

EPTAC Corporation

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larry garland

Career Center | maple heights, Ohio USA | Production,Technical Support

Certified SMT operator, experience in surface mount and through hole soldering, took courses in AC/DC Electronics, Electronic Devices I and II, Microprocessors, Programmable Logic Controllers, Electronics Communications Systems, Control Systems, Netw


Career Center | , Minnesota USA | Engineering,Management,Production,Quality Control,Technical Support

Engineer with a diverse background in management, quality, computer and customer service.  Experience includes optics, electrical, mechanical, physics, chemistry, process and systems engineering, implementing computers and computer applications for m

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Peel Force Tester

GPD Global |

: Manual/Software Peel Force Tester VS SPC User Guide PBT-002P   20.1 for FORCEWare 5.7.0   20.0 for FORCEWare 5.7.0   19.0 for FORCEWare 5.6.3   18.0 for FORCEWare 5.6.3   17.1 for FORCEWare 5.6.3   17.0 for FORCEWare 5.6.3   16.2 for FORCEWare 5.6.2   16.1

GPD Global

Ramsey STE3300 RF Shielded Test Enclosure ID_60388: World Equipment Source


. Dimensions/Weight Exterior: 9.8"H x 18.0"W x 12.0"D Interior: 8.0"H x 17.0"W x 11.0"D Weight: 18lbs. / 8.16kg. Asset# 60388 LOC: RF Shelves Cart Shelf 06_25_2020 - RMW Products You May Like RF Shielded Box Stainless Steel No Divider ID_60417 Price

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