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Canada's eCommerce Carbide Cutting Tool Wholesaler

Guardian Telecom Inc.

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Contract Manufacturer

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FR-HAL-H45K FR-HAL-H45K ZhongHaiDe (Fujian) Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd., which is a well-developed equipment supplier in the field of automation in China currently. Our company has been established for 4 years, located in a rapidly developing co

zhonghaide(fujian)industrial equipmentCO.,LTD.

long wave infrared reflow and curing ovens

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IC'S, Hybrids SMT Silver glass curing BGA reflow Gold/tin reflow Package sealing with N2H2


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Re: BGA storage

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 19 17:01:18 EST 2000 | Chad Notebaert

You can buy desicant packs and indicator cards to place back in the original or a new bag with the BGA's and re-seal using a heat sealer (Vac Seal being the best). If properly done the material will be kept below the 20% RH level. Another option woul

First piece inspection

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 10 04:06:02 EST 2002 | wbu

Hi Ianchan, you mean you set up a line and wait 6h or 2h to go on with production ? Can�t believe that! Wolfgang

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Fuji AIM Pick and Place Packag

Fuji AIM Pick and Place Packag

Used SMT Equipment | Pick and Place/Feeders

Fuji AIm P&P Pacakge with 400+ Feeders, Vitronics Soltec XPM3-1030 Reflow Oven, Asys Conveyors! Make: Fuji Model: AIM Quantity: Three SW: V5.BZA Single lane Machine 1 Vintage: 2006 Heads: 4 @ H12’s, (4) Feeder Trollies Hours: 32

Lewis & Clark

Fuji AIM

Fuji AIM

Used SMT Equipment | Pick and Place/Feeders

Set of (3) Fuji AIM Pick and Place with over 400 Feeders included and (3) Spare Heads!!!!! Unit 1:   Vintage:  2006    Four Heads - H12 (4) Feeder Trollies 32K hours Unit 2: Vintage 2007 Four Heads - (2) H12 &

Lewis & Clark

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Siemens Bliater unit 00367793S03


00354974-01 ACTIVATOR LED 00354976-01 Power Supply 24V DC 00354977-01 Emergency Stop Button 00354978-01 Emergency Stop Switchgear 00354979S01 Simovert Masterdrive Lifting Axis 00354980S01 Simovert Masterdrive Feed Axis 00354981-01 Optocoupler

Qinyi Electronics Co.,Ltd

Siemens 12er-Segment kpl.DLM2 00319748S03


00350533-01 COMP.Magazine long W21,5/H11,1/LE37 00350544-01 RETROFIT KIT COVER CUTTING DEVICE S23 00350588S03 Sleeve with ball fixing compl. DLM1 / 12 00350661S01 O-Ring 10*1 Viton 75 00350662S01 O-Ring 10*1 Viton 75 00350833S01 STRIP MOTOR 12-1

Qinyi Electronics Co.,Ltd

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Process Engineering/Maintenance Technician

Career Center | Fredericksburg, Virginia USA | Engineering,Maintenance,Management,Production,Quality Control

• Certified CP643 Loader Calibration – FUJI American Chicago, IL 2001. • Certified - Cookson Performance Solutions BTU - PARAGON - P150 Oven – Maintenance & Electrical Troubleshooting Charlotte, NC 2001. • Certified UNIVERSAL (GSM) Platform: Operat

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SMT Express, Volume 2, Issue No. 1 - from

INSERT INTO tracking_express (userid, username, page_id, ts) VALUES ('', '#Quser_profile.username#', 9, (#ts#)) SMT Express, Volume 2, Issue No. 1 - from Volume 2, Issue No. 1 Thursday, January 20, 2000


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Component Forming Machine Set Up

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