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6FM1481-2AB00 -- Siemens Simatic S5 Interface Module

6FM1481-2AB00 -- Siemens Simatic S5 Interface Module

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Welcome to us for a QUOTE. (Unik) +86 18030205725 (skype/ whatapp/ wechat)         Related Item 6FM1410-1AA00 -- Siemens Simatic S5 Operator Panel 6FM1420-1AA00 -- Siemens Simatic S5 WS 400-20 Operator Panel 6FM1463-3SA20 -- S

Cambia Automation Limited

PTP® VP-8 Vapor Phase Thermal Profiling Solution

PTP® VP-8 Vapor Phase Thermal Profiling Solution

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The “PTP® VP-8” is a complete thermal profiling solution for the vapor phase solder process, using the award winning, M.O.L.E.® MAP software, in combination with the German-Engineered PTP® Vapor Phase profiler. This match-up provides all the power &

Electronic Controls Design Inc. (ECD)

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Re: CPk

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 06 17:17:57 EST 1999 | Brian W.

I have not used a vision inspection system for this. We used a digital x-y coordinate measurement system. With this, we could find the center of the part and then measure where it was in relation to a fixed point, like a fiducial. Some of the syst

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Sony 索尼Mx200 / Mx200L SMT配件,SONY SM

Sony 索尼Mx200 / Mx200L SMT配件,SONY SM

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12  2-693-981-01  ..... -.... (UNST6-30) BOLT (UNST6-30), STOPPER  4  UNST6-30     13  2-693-982-01  ........ -..- MAKC1008A ABSORBER (MAKC1008A), SHOCK  4  MAKC1008A     14  2-693-982-11  ........ -..- MAKC1008B ABSORBER (MAKC1008B), SHOCK  4  MAK


Sony 索尼SI-F130 SMT配件,SONY SMT Parts

Sony 索尼SI-F130 SMT配件,SONY SMT Parts

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18  2-693-871-01  I/F (...... ) ...... (2) BRACKET (2), I/F (REAR RIGHT)  1     19  2-693-872-01  I/F (...... ) ...... (1) BRACKET (1), I/F (FRONT LEFT)  1     20  2-693-873-01  I/F (...... ) ...... (2) BRACKET (2), I/F (FRONT LEFT)  1     21  2-6


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Round Robin of High Frequency Test Methods by IPC-D24C Task Group

Technical Library | 2017-06-29 16:39:30.0

Currently there is no industry standard test method for measuring dielectric properties of circuit board materials at frequencies greater than about 10 GHz. Various materials vendors and test labs take different approaches to determine these properties. It is common for these different approaches to yield varying values of key properties like permittivity and loss tangent. The D-24C Task Group of IPC has developed this round robin program to assess these various methods from the "bottom up" to determine if standardized methods can be agreed upon to provide the industry with more accurate and valid characteristics of dielectrics used in high-frequency and high-speed applications.


Wave Solder Parameter Chart

Technical Library | 2006-05-13 13:07:53.0

This Excel Spreadsheet calculates the Wave Solder Contact Time automatically with given main Solder Wave width and Conveyor Speed. There is one chart where conveyor speed is expressed in meters/min and in another where it is expressed in feet/minute.

Jabil Circuit, Inc.

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Mirae Mx200 SMT Pick and Place Using a TFU

Mirae Mx200 SMT Pick and Place Using a TFU


MX200P has a IPC9850 Speed of 15,000CPH. 4 Modular Heads, 1 Precision Head, capable of inspecting and placing parts from 01005's (0402 metric) through 1.96"x 1.96" square, or 3.54" x 1.18" rectangular.Pitch capablity 12 mil, 80 feeder slots. All Mir

Apex Factory Automation

ORPRO Vision AOI Presentation

ORPRO Vision AOI Presentation


ORPRO Vision AOI Presentation. This presentation introduces the methods and technology used by ORPRO Vision in the Symbion S36 Plus and Vantage S22 Plus AOI systems. For additional information, please contact ORPRO Vision at

Orpro Vision GmbH

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Animal Health Dosing Syringes - Nordson

Nordson ASYMTEK |

Animal Health Dosing Syringes Nordson Nordson Corporation Global Directory Languages NASDAQ $193.20   -3.54 Our Products Our Industries Our Applications Brands




™ Option conveyor width 400 mm / 15.74" max. assembly height 90 mm / 3.54" stainless steel nitrogen tunnel ˜ energy efficient tunnel insulation

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