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ABB DO802 3BSE022364R1 in stock

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Amikon is your best supplier of industrial spare parts!   The spirit of enterprise  Amikon Limited of "diligence, truth-seeking, pioneering, development" spirit of enterprise, in the enterprise internal&

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ABB DO801 3BSE020510R1 New in Sealed bag

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Amikon is your best supplier of industrial spare parts!   The spirit of enterprise  Amikon Limited of "diligence, truth-seeking, pioneering, development" spirit of enterprise, in the enterprise internal&

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BGA Non-wet (head in pillow)

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 15 16:14:02 EST 2000 | Scott Welle

We are having non-wet (head in pillow) problems with Altera 484's similar to the problems discussed on 10/27 timeframe. Need contacts to those people having similar problems. Will those who had problems with Motorola 357 (ref Chris and Glenn on 10/

Head in Pillow effect BGA

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 16 20:53:56 EDT 2007 | davef

Tell us about: * Temperatures and times of the thermal profile * Where the thermocouples were mounted * Materials involved * Where in the process the 672 BGA component is soldered * Processes that follow that soldering

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ZESTRON to Host Collaborative Workshop “Assembly, Cleaning, Coating, and Reliability” in Argentina

Industry News | 2014-04-16 09:11:19.0

ZESTRON will be hosting an “Assembly, Cleaning, Coating, and Reliability” workshop together with Macon, Aqueous Technologies, Dow Corning, and Alpha in Argentina this May.

ZESTRON Americas

ZESTRON to Host Collaborative “Cleaning, Testing and Reliability” Workshop in Houston & Austin, Texas

Industry News | 2013-08-06 17:42:18.0

ZESTRON will host a “Cleaning, Testing and Reliability” workshop together with FHP Reps, SHENMAO America, Technical Devices, and SPEA America.

ZESTRON Americas

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Addressing the Challenge of Head-In-Pillow Defects in Electronics Assembly

Technical Library | 2013-12-27 10:39:21.0

The head-in-pillow defect has become a relatively common failure mode in the industry since the implementation of Pb-free technologies, generating much concern. A head-in-pillow defect is the incomplete wetting of the entire solder joint of a Ball-Grid Array (BGA), Chip-Scale Package (CSP), or even a Package-On-Package (PoP) and is characterized as a process anomaly, where the solder paste and BGA ball both reflow but do not coalesce. When looking at a cross-section, it actually looks like a head has pressed into a soft pillow. There are two main sources of head-in-pillow defects: poor wetting and PWB or package warpage. Poor wetting can result from a variety of sources, such as solder ball oxidation, an inappropriate thermal reflow profile or poor fluxing action. This paper addresses the three sources or contributing issues (supply, process & material) of the head-in-pillow defects. It will thoroughly review these three issues and how they relate to result in head-in pillow defects. In addition, a head-in-pillow elimination plan will be presented with real life examples will be to illustrate these head-in-pillow solutions.

Indium Corporation

Head in Pillow X-ray Inspection at Flextronics

Technical Library | 2014-12-18 17:22:34.0

Manufacturing technology faces challenges with new packages/process when confronting the need for high yields. Identifying product defects associated with the manufacturing process is a critical part of electronics manufacturing. In this project, we focus on how to use AXI to identify BGA Head-in-Pillow (HIP), which is challenging for AXI testing. Our goal is to help us understand the capabilities of current AXI machines.

Flex (Flextronics International)

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Welcome to this Defect of the Month video on head in and on pillow, this series of videos were produced for and featured as part of the NPL/IPC video library and examples are taken from the NPL Defect Database. Over the last couple of years there hav

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SMTnet Express - December 27, 2013

SMTnet Express, December 27, 2013, Subscribers: 26441, Members: Companies: 13537, Users: 35564 Addressing the Challenge of Head-In-Pillow Defects in Electronics Assembly by Mario Scalzo; Indium Corporation While the electronics manufacturing

SMTnet Express - March 06, 2014

SMTnet Express, March 06, 2014, Subscribers: 22524, Members: Companies: 13810, Users: 35835 Investigation and Development of Tin-Lead and Lead-Free Solder Pastes to Reduce the Head-In-Pillow Component Soldering Defect. Jasbir Bath, Roberto Garcia

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Video: BGA Processing for Reliability


: Dealing with Dissimilar Alloys and Avoiding Head on Pillow This presentation was given at the IPC Conference on Reliability: Assembly Process for a Reliable Product on November 1, 2011 in Irvine, CA

Explorer™ one

Nordson ASYMTEK |

. Die Inspektion von Leiterplatten von allen Seiten ist wichtig, um Head-in-Pillow-Defekte zu erkennen, Bauteilrisse zu beobachten und den PTH


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