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Pico electronics

Pico electronics

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F-28003 G-29220 G-29480 W-26310 Y-27160 Y-27660 P-9320 P-9520 K-7215 88660 88570 88180 88085 88680 74020 89550 F-28005 G-29225 G-29485 W-26315 Y-27165 Y-27665 P-9325 P-9525 K-7218 88760 88670 88280 88185 88780 74025 74110 F-28010 G-29230 G-29490 W-

zhengzhou yuzhe electronic technology co.,ltd

High Integrity Analog Input AI880A ABB

High Integrity Analog Input AI880A ABB

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Sales Manager: Sandy Lin Email: Skype:  onlywnn_1 Mobile(Whatsapp): (+86)-18020776786   XIAMEN YUEHANG COMPUTER ENGINEERING CO.LTD. is a company that professionally engaged in large system DCS spare parts supply. We supply DCS, PLC,


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MyData DPak not placing

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 26 11:20:33 EDT 2013 | gnus

Hi all, I'm having issues placing 7 pin DPak packages. I'm using mechanical centering with four centering phases (one for each orientation). Tool used is A24S. Machine picks up the part but will reject it when centering the part. I have measured all

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Mydata LARGE LOT Misc nozzles etc.(9

Mydata LARGE LOT Misc nozzles etc.(9

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SEE PHOTOS VIA LINK BELOW ATTACHED   ... HUGE LOT OF GOOD PICK TOOLS --  Partial list of tools includes A12S tip COT qty 3, A13S tip COT qty 3, A24S COT qyt 3, C14S tip COT qty 3, C23S tip COT qty 3, C23S tool Mydata qty 1, C23S tool COT qty 1, A24S

Debron Industrial Electronics Inc.

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Count On Tools Introduces MYDATA Midas Nozzles

Industry News | 2010-05-03 20:04:18.0

GAINESVILLE, GA ― Count On Toos Inc., a leading provider of precision components and SMT spare parts, introducing its new MYDATA Midas replacement nozzles and consumables.

Count On Tools, Inc.

Count On Tools Introduces MYDATA Glue Tools

Industry News | 2011-04-20 15:59:29.0

Count On Toos Inc. introduces new MYDATA Glue Tools for applying adhesive to boards by pin transfer. The new product line includes all standard glue tools (C12, B12, B13, C13 andB14) as well as custom designed tools based on customer specific requirements.

Count On Tools, Inc.

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Mydata MY200 nozzles

Mydata MY200 nozzles

Parts & Supplies | Chipshooters / Chip Mounters

Genuine MYDATA parts   Brand New; Used( good condition). Available in stock. Quick shipping;  Any interesting, feel free to contact via mail:, Mobile: +86-13501595476 Parts No. Description L-050-0015 VAC

Xinfa electronics Co. LTD

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