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Gen3 Systems

Gen3 Systems

Industry Directory | Assembly / Cleaning / Inspection / Test Services / Selective Soldering

Gen3 Systems is a specialist manufacturer of test and measurement equipment used to help predict reliability of electronic circuits and systems in the field.

Machine Vision Products, Inc

Machine Vision Products, Inc

Industry Directory | Inspection

MVP is a market innovator and leader in imaging technologies for Surface Mount, Microelectronics and Packaging Technologies providing solutions for both commercial and military applications.

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GEM Compact Tabletop AOI

GEM Compact Tabletop AOI

New Equipment | Inspection

NPI and Low Volume Desktop Automated Optical Inspection with In-line Performance. MVP's GEM Compact AOI system is a revolutionary tabletop, lightweight inspection solution. MVP is now offering unsurpassed high performance and high resolution capabi

Machine Vision Products, Inc

Spectra Large PCB Format AOI

Spectra Large PCB Format AOI

New Equipment | Inspection

The largest format AOI solution for large board sizes or backplane inspection. The Spectra Series Tri-Color Technology system is MVP’s large format AOI solution. The Spectra has a standard handling size of 24 x 24 inches (610 x 610mm). The optional

Machine Vision Products, Inc

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First article inspection

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 15 15:23:18 EST 2011 | jlawson

Take a look at AOI Systems from UK...They offer similar systems but also offers some AOI inpsection features not just first article....

Desktop AOI machine

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 27 18:14:12 EDT 2019 | spoiltforchoice

You don't want an AOI machine you want an FAI (First Article Inspection) like one of these (note some of the products here call themselves AOI, arguably they are not.) Or

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Teradyne Landrex Optima III PCI-770

Teradyne Landrex Optima III PCI-770

Used SMT Equipment | AOI / Automated Optical Inspection

Landrex Optima III AOI PTH / SMD Complete good working condition Can be inspected here in the UK Off line ready to go please contact using the e mail below as the automatic link dosen't work, I've reported it to SMTNET surplus@a

Avid Technology Ltd

Test Research (TRI) TR-7500 SII

Test Research (TRI) TR-7500 SII

Used SMT Equipment | AOI / Automated Optical Inspection good working condition like new Inspection Tech Co,.


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Growth Leads to New Jobs at Europlacer.

Industry News | 2018-05-01 19:28:28.0

The best-ever trading year for Blakell Europlacer worldwide has already led to tangible benefits for the business and its customers. The company is recruiting new staff in all its key territories across the globe.


Management Changes at Europlacer HQ.

Industry News | 2016-12-18 14:40:56.0

Europlacer announces a top management team change, effective 1st December 2016, at its Dorset UK-based headquarters.


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Testing Digital Designs – The Boundary-scan Balance

Technical Library | 2010-05-20 17:17:03.0

As several industry pundits have expressed in recent years: "the era of 'one test method fits all' seems well behind us." For most test managers with even a modest mix of products, trying to formulate a test policy/philosophy has become a tricky balancing act at the best of times. James Stanbridge, Sales Manager UK for JTAG Technologies, and Steve Lees Managing Director of ATE Solutions look at the options.

JTAG Technologies B. V.

Common Process Defect Identification of QFN Packages

Technical Library | 2019-07-23 22:33:47.0

The Quad Flat Pack No Leads (QFN) style of leadless packaging [also known as a Land Grid Array (LGA)] is rapidly increasing in us e for wireless, automotive, telecom and many other areas becaus e of its low cost, low stand-off height and excellent thermal and electri cal properties. With the implementation of any new package type, there is always a learning curve for its use in design and processing as well as for the Process and Quality Engineers who have to get to grips with the challenges that these packages bring. Therefore, this paper will provide examples of the common process defects that can be seen with QFNs /LGAs when using optical and x-ray inspection as part of manufacturing quality control. Results of trials conducted on four PCB finishes and using vapour phase and convection reflow will be discussed.

Nordson DAGE

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iineo+ is a multi function SMT Pick & Place platform , with the highest level of flexibility and feeder count in the industry. It is widely configurable without the need to compromise on feeder count, placement speed or component capability.

iineo+ is a multi function SMT Pick & Place platform , with the highest level of flexibility and feeder count in the industry. It is widely configurable without the need to compromise on feeder count, placement speed or component capability.


Prima Electronic Services, has chosen to underpin its growth plans by selecting Europlacer’s iineo+ placement platform to address larger and more complex customer boards. The decision to switch to Europlacer is notable as the company has long b


MVP Spectra System for large board AOI and SPI Inspection

MVP Spectra System for large board AOI and SPI Inspection


Machine Vision Product's Supra Spectra System for large board AOI and SPI Inspection

Machine Vision Products, Inc

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nandish resum

Career Center | Bangalore-85, ka India | Production

As a Sr.Technician involved in production activities like programming, taking care of the production, process, rectifying the process problems, constantly getting in touch with the customers for any quality issues & other production activities, invol


Career Center | , | Engineering,Production,Quality Control


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Used SMT AOI Equipment - Capital Equipment Exchange


Used SMT AOI Equipment - Capital Equipment Exchange 815-363-0800 Toggle navigation Products Pick and Place Screen Printers Fluid Dispenser Reflow Oven Wave Soldering PCB Wash

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. They will exhibit in booth #327. The show is scheduled for May 9-10 and will take place at the National Exhibition Center in Birmingham, UK


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