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Numerical Innovations

Numerical Innovations

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We have become a leader in the EDA software industry by empowering electronic designers and engineers with clever, high quality software tools which facilitate their designs for manufacturing.

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what software is out there that will extract XY centroid from gerber data?

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 15 15:01:06 EST 2014 | dexter11233

At my company we have to capture centroid data from gerber information on almost a daily basis, so tinkering and toying with quicker and easier methods of getting the job done are fairly common place with us. As stated by Richard Larue UniSofts cad

Pick & Place File Formats

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 10 07:21:30 EST 2009 | jax

I would like to know more about how your software will "automatically extract" centroid. I'm assuming people who only own "Viewers" would use it to get centroid data... except how would that person digitize the aperture groupings into components? If

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6 Things to Check Before Submitting Your PCB Design for Manufacturing

Industry News | 2018-10-18 11:23:54.0

6 Things to Check Before Submitting Your PCB Design for Manufacturing

Flason Electronic Co.,limited

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MIRTEC MV-7 In-Line AOI Series Movie

MIRTEC MV-7 In-Line AOI Series Movie


MIRTEC MV-7 Series In-Line Automated Optical Inspection Machine - AOI MIRTEC USA, MIRTEC, MIRTEC Corp

MIRTEC Corporation

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