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Microscan focuses on technologies of automatic identification, machine vision, and illumination with application solutions ranging from basic barcode reading up to complex machine vision inspection, gauging, and measurement.


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Our Vision To enhance nationwide businesses with latest Auto-ID technology and solution. Core Activity Our core activities are the distribution of barcode scanner and portable terminal, barcode.

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PCB Barcode Scanning Conveyor

PCB Barcode Scanning Conveyor

New Equipment | Board Handling - Conveyors

PCB Barcode Scanning Conveyor If you could not find any similar items you want, you may send some photos to us. because our catalog and website haven't included all of our products. PCB conveyor, PCB magazine loader, PCBA coating conveyor, pcb

Dongguan Intercontinental Technology Co., Ltd.

YS-IH882 with Empty chip detection

YS-IH882 with Empty chip detection

New Equipment | Component Counters / SMD Counters

Broader scope, the latest ultra-small SMD components (01005) count, the series is as follows:  These are the components package specifications.  Functions:  1, Empty chip detection capabilities SMD chip counter, the job is simple, positive and neg

Qinyi Electronics Co.,Ltd

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fixed barcode scanners

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 13 21:05:28 EST 2011 | davef

Try: We have no relationship, nor receive benefit from the company referenced above.  

fixed barcode scanners

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 13 18:30:46 EST 2011 | IT23

Currently, we are using fixed barcode scanners that connect to Cogiscan PFC box. The scanners are mounted using a flexible arm. The flexible arm is hard to adjust so that the scanner will be on top of the label every time it hits the sensor. I'm look

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Tyco MEP-12T

Tyco MEP-12T

Used SMT Equipment | General Purpose Equipment

Tyco Press Model Number: MEP-12T Serial Number: 0050 Force Capacity: 12 Tons (107kN) Windows XP O/S Upgrade 2008 Safety Light Curtains PCB Size: 30" x 36" Barcode Scanner Machine Dimensions: 43" x 43" x 73" Voltage: 208/220 Volt - 50/60 HZ -

1st Place Machinery Inc.

Mydata My600 JP

Mydata My600 JP

Used SMT Equipment | Screen Printers

Make: Mycronic Model: My600 Jet Printer Vintage: 8/2016 Details: • Internal Conveyor • 2D Camera • Internal Injector Cooling Unit • Barcode Scanner USB • Network Interface • SMEMA Compliant • 2D Inspection & Repair • Offline PC with MYCAM

Lewis & Clark

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IPC Announces Growing Industry Support for the Connected Factory Exchange (CFX) Initiative

Industry News | 2017-03-31 17:21:11.0

IPC – Association Connecting Electronics Industries®, is proud to announce the growing involvement of the Connected Factory Exchange (CFX). The 2-17 Connected Factory Initiative Subcommittee is comprised of representatives of the electronic industry’s leading manufacturers, machine, device, sensor and software companies.

Association Connecting Electronics Industries (IPC)

Microscan announces world’s first fully integrated liquid lens barcode imager

Industry News | 2009-09-21 08:46:46.0

RENTON, WA, September 21, 2009 — Microscan, a global technology leader for precision data acquisition and control solutions, premiers the QX Hawk, the world’s first barcode imager to be fully integrated with liquid lens technology, enabling infinite focus flexibility. The QX Hawk imager easily reads any barcode or 2D symbol, including challenging 2D direct part marks (DPM), within seconds of installation.


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03062054-02 Barcodelable S27 Sector 1 (left)    03062055-02 Barcodelable S27 Sector 1 (right)    03062164-01 Handscanner Dragon D131 complete    03062165-01 CABLE Handscanner D131    03062222-01 O-Ring DIN 3771 - 40 X 1,5 - N - EPDM 70    030629

Qinyi Electronics Co.,Ltd

Siemens Strip Remov Motor 00350833S01


03062955-01 D4 Bar Code Label Sector 1 03063485S01 DIN 1587 M 6-Nylon 03063571-01 LOCKING PLATE D4 / 01005 03063584-01 Adapter cable: Power supply control unit 03063852-02 Bar code reader /Powersc. M8300/D 433MHz 03063854-02 Charger /BC-8030 Bas

Qinyi Electronics Co.,Ltd

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Career Center | Singapore, Singapore | Technical Support

I have good skill with Technical oriented. Please check my resume.

Sr. Manufacturing Engineer with over 20 yrs experience

Career Center | Lakewood, California USA | Engineering,Maintenance,Management,Production

Quality conscience, detail oriented, manufacturing engineer, with a hands on approach to overall process improvement and development. Motivated with excellent communication skills and a dedicated team player. Qualifications include: � Safety /Diver

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ASM Accessories6-Equipment Accessories-Suzhou Feierte electronic co.,ltd-welcome to KD Electronic

KD Electronics Ltd. |

03120170-01 Barcode reader /Powersc. M9500/D 910MHz 03120171-01 Charger /BC-9030 Base Charger 433MHz 03120321S01 RFK SST33G in X-series S 03120325-01 S-FCU 15 Way Module with Adapter 03120423S02 Box PC ABP402-A CPU1020E 2xPCI SSD-80GB 03120433-01 Cover sheet

KD Electronics Ltd.

FAQ - PCB Product and Job Tracking Software | Unisoft


PC's throughout the warehouse and plan to manually put entries into CELLS WORKFLOW off our paper tickets. Later we will implement barcode scanners at key stations. Yes, we can certainly help you. Receiving would enter into CELLS WORKFLOW the pallet

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