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Advanced Interconnection Technology

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AIT is a leading manufacturer of advanced two and three dimensional circuit boards using the techniques of copper plated ceramic and three dimensional moulded circuitry

Remtec, Inc.

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US manufacturer of metallized ceramic substrates & packages; specializing in PCTF (plated copper over thick film) & low cost AgENIG (silver with electroless nickel and immersion gold plating).

Pan-Continental ( H. K. ) Limited

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Copper Oxide for Parallel Electronic Plating System (PCB industry). Pan-Continental (H. K.) Limited is the biggest Copper and Zinc compound in Taiwan. Welcome to cooperate with your company.


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CYZON LIMITED is a high-tech enterprise specialized in high-density multi-layer printed circuit boards ,flex printed circuit boards(PCB) production as well as electronic assembly.

Verdant Electronics

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Pioneers in the area of solderless assembly technology and originators of the OCCAM process. Developing IP for next and future generations of high reliability and better performing electronic products.


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With numerous facilities in the United States, we are one of the electronics industry's leading manufacturers of lead-free solder products, superior quality stencils, and precision cut parts.

Gusheng Technology Co.,Ltd

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Our wide-ranging product include conventional FR-4, High TG FR-4, High-density with blind and buried vias, thick copper,thick gold plating, High frequency, FPC board, Rigid-flex PCB, Meta Core PCB ect

Midwest Printed Circuit Services, Inc.

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MPCS is a 100% American made PCB supplier. A technology leader in the manufacture of high reliability printed circuit boards. From simple product to high layer count multilayers, flex, rigid-flex, heat sinks and metal cores.

Fischer Technology, Inc.

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As trends towards the miniaturization and increased functional integration of electronics, the demands on quality assurance are rising. FISCHER has many coating thickness measurement solutions for the electronics sector.

Saturn Electronics Corporation

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Providing production and prototype, SEC offers advanced technologies like LED thermal management, heavy copper, PTFE for RFMW, open and internal cavities and blind and buried vias that are certified to a diverse set of industries.

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