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Industry Directory | Inspection / Manufacturer of Test Equipment

MIRTEC has earned a solid reputation as one of the most Progressive and Dynamic Suppliers of Automated SMT Inspection Equipment to the Electronics Manufacturing Industry.

UNISOFT Corporation

UNISOFT Corporation

Industry Directory | Software Manufacturer

OneFACTORY - Sensibly priced plant floor software from Unisoft – Specialized software for electronic manufacturing automation. Over 1000 customers worldwide!

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Precision Auger Pump

Precision Auger Pump

New Equipment | Dispensing

New Advanced Precision Auger Pump - Single Pump Solution The Precision Auger pump is designed to work with mid-to-high viscosity liquid such as glues, conductive, and non-conductive adhesive and pastes.  The pump is controlled with a servo motor equ

GPD Global

Delta Selective Solder Solid Wire

Delta Selective Solder Solid Wire

New Equipment | Solder Materials

Qualitek now offers a newly designed Selective Solder Solid Wire spool specific designed for Selective Soldering equipment where it can distinguish between leaded and lead-free alloys based on the color of the spool.  Selective Soldering is desi

Qualitek International, Inc.

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selective solder process attributes

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 12 18:00:49 EST 2014 | davef

Look here:

Lead free selective solder

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 24 07:23:06 EDT 2017 | tch

You will need to preheat the boards for a lead free selective solder process. A preheat module is critical for any wave or selective solder process, if you don't get the board preheated properly the solder is going to resist flowing to the top of the

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Ersa Versaflow

Ersa Versaflow

Used SMT Equipment | Soldering Equipment/Fluxes

Make: Ersa Model: Versaflow Vintage: 2000 Description: Selective Soldering Machine Features: Leaded Single Pot Fluxer Software: ERSAsoft 2.5 010

Baja Bid

Ersa Versaflow 3/45

Ersa Versaflow 3/45

Used SMT Equipment | Soldering - Selective

This equipment has been barely used and is in "Like New" condition

Baja Bid

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Henkel Names New Global Sales Director for Semiconductor Materials

Industry News | 2009-02-02 18:48:47.0

Henkel today announced the appointment of Mr. Luc Godefroid as the company's Global Sales Director for its Semiconductor Group. A key member of Henkel's electronics sales team since 2001, Godefroid's new role sees him building on his previous success and directing the global sales efforts of Henkel's worldwide team and expanded product portfolio.

Heller Industries Inc.

Blakell Europlacer Adds New Products to Its UK Distribution Product Portfolio

Industry News | 2009-12-14 21:11:59.0

DORSET, UNITED KINGDOM - December 2009 - Blakell Europlacer Ltd., a designer and manufacturer of comprehensive SMT placement systems for the global electronics industry, announces the addition of a range of new products to complement its existing product lines, distributed exclusively within the UK.


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ASC International 3D SPI-7500 Vision CE

ASC International 3D SPI-7500 Vision CE

Parts & Supplies | SPI / Solder Paste Inspection

Quick programming, friendly programming interface Multiple measurement methods True one-button measurement Eight-way motion button, one-click focus Adjustable scanning pitch Solder paste 3D simulation function Powerful SPC function MARK

KingFei SMT Tech

KIC KIC X5 Thermal Profiler with SPC software and RF capability For Reflow

KIC KIC X5 Thermal Profiler with SPC software and RF capability For Reflow

Parts & Supplies | Assembly Accessories

Detailed Product Description Features: 7 Channel Brand: KIC Part Name: X5 Reflow Profiler Model: X5 Condition: Original New Leadtime: 7days KIC X5 Thermal Profiler with SPC software and RF capability For Reflow Track More Data Points With 7,

KingFei SMT Tech

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Higher Defluxing Temperature and Low Standoff Component Cleaning - A Connection?

Technical Library | 2020-11-04 17:49:45.0

OEMs and CMs designing and building electronic assemblies for high reliability applications are typically faced with a decision to clean or not to clean the assembly. If ionic residues remain on the substrate surface, potential failure mechanisms, including dendritic growth by electrochemical migration reaction and leakage current, may result. These failures have been well documented. If a decision to clean substrates is made, there are numerous cleaning process options available. For defluxing applications, the most common systems are spray-in-air, employing either batch or inline cleaning equipment and an engineered aqueous based cleaning agent. Regardless of the type of cleaning process adopted, effective cleaning of post solder residue requires chemical, thermal and mechanical energies. The chemical energy is derived from the engineered cleaning agent; the thermal energy from the increased temperature of the cleaning agent, and the mechanical energy from the pump system employed within the cleaning equipment. The pump system, which includes spray pressure, spray bar configuration and nozzle selection, is optimized for the specific process to create an efficient cleaning system. As board density has increased and component standoff heights have decreased, cleaning processes are steadily challenged. Over time, cleaning agent formulations have advanced to match new solder paste developments, spray system configurations have improved, and wash temperatures (thermal energy) have been limited to a maximum of 160ºF. In most cases, this is due to thermal limitations of the materials used to build the polymer-based cleaning equipment. Building equipment out of stainless steel is an option, but one that may be cost prohibitive. Given the maximum allowable wash temperature, difficult cleaning applications are met by increasing the wash exposure time; including reducing the conveyor speed of inline cleaners or extending wash time in batch cleaners. Although this yields effective cleaning results, process productivity may be compromised. However, high temperature resistant polymer materials, capable of withstanding a 180°F wash temperature, are now available and can be used in cleaning equipment builds. For this study, the authors explored the potential for increasing cleaning process efficiency as a result of an increase in thermal energy due to the use of higher wash temperature. The cleaning equipment selected was an inline cleaner built with high temperature resistant polymer material. For the analysis, standard substrates were used. These were populated with numerous low standoff chip cap components and soldered with both no-clean tin-lead and lead-free solder pastes. Two aqueous based cleaning agents were selected, and multiple wash temperatures and wash exposure times were evaluated. Cleanliness assessments were made through visual analysis of under-component inspection, as well as localized extraction and Ion Chromatography in accordance with current IPC standards.

ZESTRON Americas

Considerations in Dispensing Conformal Coatings

Technical Library | 1999-08-27 09:27:10.0

Conformal coating is a material that is applied to electronic products or assemblies to protect them from solvents, moisture, dust or other contaminants that may cause harm. Coating also prevents dendrite growth, which may result in product failure. This paper will discuss the variables that affect the application of conformal coatings, and review in detail those variables that impact the process of selective coating of printed circuit boards.


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Time Pressure with Real Time Process Control FPC

Time Pressure with Real Time Process Control FPC

Videos Pair Time Pressure with Real Time Process Control (Fluid Pressure Control) to dispense Solder Mask WSOL with outstanding result. Watch this dispensing process on a bench top robot. More Info:

GPD Global

Precision Auger Pump Cleaning - Easy

Precision Auger Pump Cleaning - Easy

Videos Easy Cleaning Precision Auger pump. Remove cartridge from pump body - Remove auger from cartridge - Clean - Lubricate - Done. More Info: Subscrib

GPD Global

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Customizable Basic Hand Soldering

Training Courses | | | PCB Rework and Hand Soldering Courses

The PCB rework and hand soldering courses courses cover techniques of rework and repair of PCBs, BGAs and other electronics assemblies, and teach fundamentals of soldering of electronics assemblies.

Blackfox Training Institute, LLC

Fundamentals of Selective Soldering Course

Training Courses | | | PCB Assembly Courses

The PCB assembly courses provide knowledge of different processes and equipment used in TH and SMT assembly of printed circuit boards.

ACI Technologies, Inc.

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Soldering, Cleaning and Coating Workshop

Events Calendar | Tue Apr 17 00:00:00 EDT 2018 - Tue Apr 17 00:00:00 EDT 2018 | Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

Soldering, Cleaning and Coating Workshop

ZESTRON Americas

SMTA Dallas Chapter - Understanding Selective Solder Technology

Events Calendar | Fri Jan 11 00:00:00 EST 2019 - Fri Jan 11 00:00:00 EST 2019 | Richardson, Texas USA

SMTA Dallas Chapter - Understanding Selective Solder Technology

Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA)

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Career Center | THRISSUR, India | Maintenance,Production

HANDLING OF MAINTENANCE Camelot,Mascot, Selective Soldering,Wave Soldering,Aquastorm 200,H-500 HI-Z,Kolb,kerry&PBT,GETECH, ATI 105 & Final Touch 101,Heller,Btu&vapour phase,Shuttle,SRT,ESD ,Electrical maintenance . Knowledge in using SLIM KIC 2000&

2012 resume

Career Center | Columbus, Ohio USA | Engineering,Management,Production,Quality Control,Research and Development,Technical Support

20 plus years of experience in a Electronics Manufacturing environment. Management experience on 1st and 2nd shift with groups up to 18 in a goverment contracted environment Experienced internal/lead auditor of ISO 9001 with years of audit experi

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SMTnet Express - October 30, 2014

SMTnet Express, October 30, 2014, Subscribers: 23456, Members: Companies: 14075, Users: 37030 Solder Joint Reliability Under Realistic Service Conditions. P. Borgesen, S. Hamasha, M. Obaidat, V. Raghavan, X. Dai; Binghamton University, M. Meilunas

SMTnet Express - November 9, 2017

SMTnet Express, November 9, 2017, Subscribers: 30,999, Companies: 10,789, Users: 24,027 Void Reduction in Reflow Soldering Processes by Sweep Stimulation of PCB Substrate Viktoria Rawinski; kurtz ersa Corporation Due to the ongoing trend towards

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Selective Solder Ultrasonic Fluxing Systems - Southwest Systems Technology Search Search Electronics Assembly Manufacturing and Semiconductor Manufacturing Materials

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PCB Handling Machine with CE

MSD Dry Cabinets
Sell Used SMT & Test Equipment

PCB Assembly Supplies - ONLINE STORE
SMT spare parts - Qinyi Electronics

Easily dispense fine pitch components with ±25µm positioning accuracy.

Orange Sticks, Wiring Aids & Probes for Soldering & Desoldering.
SMT feeders

High Precision Fluid Dispensers

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