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Manufacturer:Samwha Package:470uF/16V, 8*11,5,RD Date Code:13+ Description:Capacitor: electrolytic, THT, 470uF, 16VDC, Ø8x11.5mm, Pitch: 3.5mm

Chongway Electronics Tech Limited

HRC Fuse Links, Connectors and Electrical Accessories

HRC Fuse Links, Connectors and Electrical Accessories

New Equipment | Components

Brass Electrical Accessories manufacture and export HRC Fuse Links, Connectors and Electrical Accessories including Fuse Links with Blade Contacts, Fuse Bases, Neutral Terminal Bridges. We manufacture HRC Fuse Links, Connectors and Electrical Accesso

Brass Electrical Accessories

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smt codes

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 23 14:27:18 EDT 2004 | russ

If you know the mfg. you can go to their website and they should have a list of coding that will show you the alphanumeric code scheme. The "striped part is definitely a tant 2.2 uF 16 V. The other if the coding is the same as the parts we use is a

Manufacturing in China, Revisited

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 20 08:58:10 EDT 2004 | patrick

Good point Rob, The vast majority of PC Boards and components is manufactured in China and Taiwan, so evidently they cut the middle man. The strength of any country is recourses and local manufacturing and manufacturing is fading at a fast pace in

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Fuji NXT/AIM/XPF Intelligent Feeder

Fuji NXT/AIM/XPF Intelligent Feeder

Used SMT Equipment | Pick and Place/Feeders

Pre-Owned & Production-Ready Fuji NXT AIM XPF Feeders Serviced & Tested. Hassle-free Warranty with Every Feeder. All feeders are fully disassembled with all moving parts cleaned and lubricated. After the feeders are re-assembled, they are t

Tekmart International Inc.

Anritsu ME7873F CDMA/LTE

Anritsu ME7873F CDMA/LTE

Used SMT Equipment | General Purpose Test & Measurement

Anritsu ME7873F CDMA TRX/Performance Test System With LTE Upgrade AUCTION ITEM - RARE OPPORTUNITY WWW.XLINEASSETS.COM Anritsu ME7873F CDMA TRX/Performance Test System With LTE Upgrade Installed Hardware Includes: Anritsu MN7451A RF Switch D

X-Line Asset Management

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SMTA International Keynote Speaker Announced

Industry News | 2013-05-28 20:51:08.0

The Opening Keynote Session and Annual Meeting at SMTA International, October 15, 2013, will feature Bob D. DuLaney, Lockheed Martin and US Air Force Major General (Ret), as the keynote speaker. He will present "F-35 Lightning II: The Centerpiece for 21st Century Global Security." This is a free event at SMTA International and includes breakfast treats and coffee for all attendees.

Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA)

Rockwell Collins and Lockheed Martin to Present a Dual Keynote Presentation at SMTA International 2018

Industry News | 2018-08-12 17:55:36.0

The SMTA is pleased to announce Ron Heberlein, Rockwell Collins, and Tony “Brick” Wilson, Lockheed Martin, will keynote SMTA International the morning of Tuesday, October 16 with their presentation “The World’s Most Advanced Fighter Jet Helmet – from Development and Production to the Fight.”

Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA)

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Fuji Fuji CP6 CP43 SMT spare parts cylinder clutch valve

Fuji Fuji CP6 CP43 SMT spare parts cylinder clutch valve

Parts & Supplies | Air / Vaccuum

Fuji CP6 CP43 SMT spare parts cylinder clutch valve Part Number : R1035R, Specifications : F-18S; Part Number : R 1035M, Size : F16S LAMP, Part Number : R 1016A, Specification : FL4BLB QP341E HARNESS WITH CCD CAMERA CABLE, P / N: DBEH3731 QP34

KingFei SMT Tech

Fuji NXT Bibasic 8MM W08C

Fuji NXT Bibasic 8MM W08C

Parts & Supplies | Pick and Place/Feeders

1 Fuji  8mm FEEDER   XP 2 Fuji  12mm FEEDER   XP 3 Fuji  16mm FEEDER   XP 4 Fuji  24mm FEEDER   XP 5 Fuji  32mm FEEDER   XP 6 Fuji  44mm FEEDER   XP 7 Fuji  56mm FEEDER   XP 8 Fuji  72mm FEEDER   XP 9 Fuji  88mm FEEDER   XP 10 Fuji W08 8mm F

KingFei SMT Tech

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Weller WSD 81i Soldering Station

Weller WSD 81i Soldering Station


The Weller WSD 81i 80W soldering stations are a smart, easy to use and efficient digital power unit designed with extra in-built functionality to allow presets to be made without the need of a separate calibration box. These cost efficient stations f

Wida General Trading L.L.C

I New and Original TPS546D24ARVFR  in Stock  IC LQFN40 ,22+      package

I New and Original TPS546D24ARVFR in Stock IC LQFN40 ,22+ package


TI New and Original TPS546D24ARVFR  in Stock  IC LQFN40 ,22+      package TPS546D24ARVFR 2.95V to 16V, Stackable 40A Synchronous SWIFT™ Buck Converter with Pin Straps and PMBus TMS320F28377SZWTS NFBGA337 TI 22+ PIC16F720-I/SS SSOP-20 MICROCHIP 22+

Shenzhen Fuwo Technology Co.,Ltd

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Career Center | , Israel | Engineering,Maintenance,Technical Support

I was born on June , 1972 in Khmelnitsky city , Ukraine . I am male. From 1979 to 1987 I was studying at secondary school #7, having finished which I entered the Technical College of Khmelnitsky in specialty Machine Tools with Computer Numeric Contr

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GPD Global FLOgems 1.1.0

GPD Global |

) .....................................................................70 7.1.13 S1, F16 Off-line Control State Acknowledge (HE) ............................................................70 7.1.14 S1, F17 On-line Control State Request (HE) .....................................................................70 7.1.15

GPD Global

Durable Samsung Feeder SMT Feeder Parts SM8MM Reel Cover J70652415A

KingFei SMT Tech |


KingFei SMT Tech

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