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Fluke Networks

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Fluke Networks produces and supplies cabling certification, installation and test, and telecom test products.

Fluke Corporation

Fluke Corporation

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Fluke is a worldwide leader in electronic test and measurement equipment.

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Fluke 6082A Signal Generators

Fluke 6082A Signal Generators

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Fluke 6082A Synthesized Signal Generator 100KZ-2.112GHZ The Fluke Model 6082A Synthesized RF Signal Generator features high performance modulation, wide output level range and exceptionally high spectral purity. The 6082A cover frequencies to 211

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Fluke 8010A Digital Multimeter

Fluke 8010A Digital Multimeter

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The Fluke 8010A Digital Multimeter is a portable 3.5 digit DMM that offers performance and features at a low cost. Measurement functions include: DC volts, true-rms AC volts from 45 Hz to 50 kHz, DC amps, true-rms AC amps, ohms, conductance, and diod

Recon Test Equipment Inc.

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Looking for fluke 5080A calibrator

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 10 09:56:09 EST 2019 | charliedci

Have been looking for rental/lease of above calibrator in US. Companies we have contacted are: Transcat, TRS, BHD, ATE, Electrorent, Techrentals, Vantage with none available. We have 2, one is out for repair. We will be purchasing another but 4 week

Marking code t6g on fluke 189

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 15 06:07:53 EST 2009 | joelinacio

I need to know what is the sot-23-5 in the dmm fluke 189 with the code t6g. It is wired with the com conector.

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Fluke  Fluke DTX-OTDR-QMOD


Used SMT Equipment | In-Circuit Testers

Fluke DTX-OTDR-QMOD DTX Compact OTDR Module - See more at:

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Mr. Rick Emery Joins REStronics Corporation

Industry News | 2010-09-09 13:18:11.0

REStronics Co. Inc. has announced the addition of Mr. Rick Emery to its Midwestern territory.


REStronics Announces New Member of Sales Force

Industry News | 2010-09-09 18:11:37.0

REStronics Co.,Inc. has announced the addition of mr. Andrew Coleman to its Midwestern territory.


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Hand Soldering, Electrical Overstress, and Electrostatic Discharge

Technical Library | 1999-05-09 13:07:16.0

This paper will give the reader a general understanding of EOS and ESD phenomena. It specifically addresses hand soldering's role in EOS and ESD and how to protect against and test for potential problems. It discusses how Metcal Systems address EOS and ESD concerns and how they differ from conventional soldering systems.


Microspring Characterization and Flip-Chip Assembly Reliability

Technical Library | 2014-05-29 13:48:14.0

Electronics packaging based on stress-engineered spring interconnects has the potential to enable integrated IC testing, fine pitch, and compliance not readily available with other technologies. We describe new spring contacts which simultaneously achieve low resistance ( 30 μm) in dense 2-D arrays (180 ~ 180-µm pitch). Mechanical characterization shows that individual springs operate at approximately 150-µN force. Electrical measurements and simulations imply that the interface contact resistance contribution to a single contact resistance is This paper suggests that integrated testing and packaging can be performed with the springs, enabling new capabilities for markets such as multichip modules.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

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An outstanding professional

Career Center | Fort Mill, South Carolina USA | Engineering,Maintenance,Research and Development

Have serviced AMF pinspotters both mechanical and electrical sides; included repair of chassis pc boards to component level. 20 years in this field. Have worked in PCB manufacture  with old style board populators and Panasert robots Worked in H

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