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SMT Pick and Place Machine SMC Solenoid Valve , FUJI CP6 Vacuum Valve WPH1182

| http://www.smtspare-parts.com/sale-8535918-smt-pick-and-place-machine-smc-solenoid-valve-fuji-cp6-vacuum-valve-wph1182.html

6300487831, SAMSUNG SM320, CP45, CP40,PISCO, JUKI 2000 E3052729000,JUKI 750 VFL-44, HITACHI GXH-16301269252, FUJI XP FUJI QP342 FUJI NXT, AF-005 ,AF-004,AF-003,AF-002 FUJI 100119 ASTRO BELT TIMING 10T5/1500

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Easily dispense fine pitch components with ±25µm positioning accuracy.

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