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Electronics For You Enterprises

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Electronics For You is South Asia's Most Popular Magazine with more than half-a-million readers.

Circuitry Parts

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Circuitry Parts is world�s largest online PCB schematic and footprint library with support for multiple EDA tools. CircuitryParts extensive database covers Protel DXP and PCAD ASCII libraries for more than half-a-million electronic componens.

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Can Stack Motors

Can Stack Motors

New Equipment | Components

Can Stack Motors Our Can Stack Motors are long life, high performance stepper motors with open loop control solutions, converting electrical pulses into mechanical movements using the simplest techniques making them suitable for many applications P


ExplorFlow series Hot air Lead free reflow oven

ExplorFlow series Hot air Lead free reflow oven

New Equipment | Reflow

explorFlow  - SMT reflow system,Made by Vanstron Automation  A high-quality reflow oven for medium/large production in the SMT industry. Fully prepared for the lead-free soldering process, this oven attains excellent thermal uniformity. Main Featu

Vanstron Automation Co.,LTD

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problem in solderability

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 10 17:16:57 EDT 2008 | gregoryyork

does that mean your buying me half a pizza then Vlad

Stamping SMT assemblies

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 02 14:09:25 EST 2005 | Chunks

Colored paint pens by Abbeon are inexpensive and cannot be removed with things such as flux-off. They have a ton of colors and all it takes is half a second to touch each board. Remember, this will NOT eliminate or solve your defect problems(like m

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Heller Heller 1912EXL Reflow Oven  Pb Free

Heller Heller 1912EXL Reflow Oven Pb Free

Used SMT Equipment | Soldering - Reflow

Configuration ● Water cooled for superior cooling performance (includes chiller) ● edge/mesh conveyance ● left to right transfer ● flux management system ● Pure Forced Convection Heating ● Advanced Windows Operating system with Data Logging.

Capital Equipment Exchange

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Gemini Data Loggers Invest in Speedprint’s SP210avi Stencil Printer

Industry News | 2010-01-28 11:51:45.0

DORSET, UNITED KINGDOM - January 2010 ? Speedprint Technology Ltd., a division of Blakell Europlacer Group, announces Gemini Data Loggers investment in its Speedprint SP210avi.

Speedprint Technology

KIC Pilot Self-Profiling Oven Software Now Available On BTU International Reflow Ovens

Industry News | 2001-01-10 11:44:21.0

The KIC Pilot self-profiling oven software is now available on all BTU reflow ovens running BTU's Wincon 2.2 oven control software.

KIC Thermal

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Yamaha Alcohol bottle cleaning head rod KV8-M8860-00X YAMAHA

Yamaha Alcohol bottle cleaning head rod KV8-M8860-00X YAMAHA

Parts & Supplies | Storage Equipment

Alcohol bottle cleaning head rod KV8-M8860-00X YAMAHA Alcohol bottle cleaning head rod KV8-M8860-00X YAMAHA Product description Brand:YAMAHA Model:KV8-M8860-00X Product type:Maintenance texture of material:plastic Scope of application:Spare


Samsung SM421 flight camera power signal synchronization line J90831376B

Samsung SM421 flight camera power signal synchronization line J90831376B

Parts & Supplies | Assembly Accessories

SM421 flight camera power signal synchronization line J90831376B SM421 flight camera power signal synchronization line J90831376B Mounter SMT Accessories XP1 2 XPF Camera Strobe Light Cover AGFGC8040 Glass Beveled Lens Mounter SMT accessories


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Laser Solder Reflow: A Process Solution Part I

Technical Library | 2007-09-06 11:03:33.0

EFD Inc. and Leister USA have collaborated to bust the myth that you cannot perform laser reflow with solder paste. Using Leister diode lasers, EFD has formulated solder pastes that survive the rapid reflow cycle typical of laser heating. These solder pastes reflow and wet well, without spatter, even when heating is accomplished in less than half a second. The flux core in wire solders cannot boast such flux spatter resistance in such an aggressive heating environment.

Nordson EFD

Next Best Thing to a Close Shave: Mitigating the Risks of Tin Whiskers

Technical Library | 2010-09-23 18:22:39.0

If you've been in electronics for any length of time, the phenomenon of tin whiskers is something you've likely heard discussed (maybe in scared whispered tones). Tin whiskers certainly aren't a new problem. In fact, some of the first published reports of the occurrence date back to the 1940’s and 1950's. But, over half a century later, we're still talking about it.

Henkel Electronic Materials

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ALPHA® TETRABOND™ is the culmination of "frameless" stencil development; an elegantly simple system designed to enhance the rigidity of the foil, making safe mounting and demounting an easier proposition. Innovatively encompassed in a thin, one piece

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions

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