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Servo alarm X2-axis (FIP-3)

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 10 22:56:13 EDT 2005 | Alan.

Dave, it could be that you have some dirt or grease on the linear scale for the X-axis. Try getting into the rubber shield with a soft brush or perhaps a spray. Threebond Super Cleaner 6602 is very good for this purpose as it cleans and dries w

Re: product changeovers

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 02 16:16:53 EDT 1999 | Scotty

I am currently looking into ways to decrease SMT changeover times. I work in a high mix-low volume factory. We use Fuji CP's and IP's for SMT production. I would appreciate hearing from anybody that has some proven methods for reducing setup/chan

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Latest Layers Extends the Family

Industry News | 2001-05-29 05:40:13.0

SS7 product extension

Spider Software Ltd

Spider Software announces SpiderVPN to address the demand for Secure Networks

Industry News | 2001-05-29 05:50:31.0

Spider Software announces its support for VPN (Virtual Private Networks) architecture.

Spider Software Ltd

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Extreme Long Term Printed Circuit Board Surface Finish Solderability Assessment

Technical Library | 2021-01-28 01:55:00.0

Printed circuit board surface finishes are a topic of constant discussion as environmental influences, such as the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive or technology challenges, such as flip chip and 01005 passive components, initiate technology changes. These factors drive the need for greater control of processing characteristics like coplanarity and solderability, which influence the selection of surface finishes and impact costs as well as process robustness and integrity. The ideal printed circuit board finish would have good solderability, long shelf life, ease of fabrication/processing, robust environmental performance and provide dual soldering/wirebonding capabilities; unfortunately no single industry surface finish possesses all of these traits. The selection of a printed circuit board surface finish is ultimately a series of compromises for a given application.

Solderability Testing and Solutions Inc

Advanced Organic Substrate Technologies To Enable Extreme Electronics Miniaturization.

Technical Library | 2014-08-14 17:58:41.0

High reliability applications for high performance computing, military, medical and industrial applications are driving electronics packaging advancements toward increased functionality with decreasing degrees of size, weight and power (SWaP) The substrate technology selected for the electronics package is a key enabling technology towards achieving SWaP. Standard printed circuit boards (PWBs) utilize dielectric materials containing glass cloth, which can limit circuit density and performance, as well as inhibit the ability to achieve reliable assemblies with bare semiconductor die components. Ceramic substrates often used in lieu of PWBs for chip packaging have disadvantages of weight, marginal electrical performance and reliability as compared to organic technologies. Alternative materials including thin, particle-containing organic substrates, liquid crystal polymer (LCP) and microflex enable SWaP, while overcoming the limitations of PWBs and ceramic. This paper will discuss the use of these alternative organic substrate materials to achieve extreme electronics miniaturization with outstanding electrical performance and high reliability. The effect of substrate type on chip-package interaction and resulting reliability will be discussed. Microflex assemblies to achieve extreme miniaturization and atypical form factors driven by implantable and in vivo medical applications are also shown.

i3 Electronics

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