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solder pallets material ( alternative Durostone material, FR-4 laminated sheet ); solder pallets accessories(sold pallet hold down, clamps for solder pallets; PCB assembly tooling(wave solder pallet)

EMC Global Technologies, Inc.

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Industry leader for PCB Assembly Process Carriers for SMT, AI and Wave Solder. Products include Process Carriers, Wave Solder Pallets, Workboard Holders and all Custom Tooling. Manufacturers of Stencil Cleaners, Batch and Inline B

MSC Morkstar Corporation

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MSC MorkStar Corporation is the exclusive North American Distributor for The Attwater Group, a high

Micro Dynamics Corp

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Micro Dynamics has been an employee-owned Electronic Manufacturing Services provider since 1981.


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Buying and selling of refurbished SMT equipment

TIMMS Business & Development Centre,

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Sony's TIMMS (Totally Integrated Manufacturing System) is a unique integration of demand-chain, factory execution, and new product introduction tools for the electronics circuit board manufacturing industry, focusing on the pull-demand chain management, machine programming and real-time web-based monitoring.

Peregrine Semiconductor

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A leading fabless provider of high-performance, radio frequency integrated circuits, or RFICs.

Component Express Corporation

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Manufacture of feeders and other electronic component handling and transport systems


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