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We are looking for Siemens machine as HS60 /HS50 /F4 / F5 and ...........


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Our company has all kinds of SMT parts(e.g Juki Feeders,Siemens Feeders, Philips Feeders, Yamaha Feeders etc.) and equipents(e.g Siemens HS50/HS60, CM402/CM602 ect.) for sale with low price.

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07 BE 60 R1 RACK 6 SLOT GJV3074304R1

07 BE 60 R1 RACK 6 SLOT GJV3074304R1

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Packaging & Shipping  1. Delivery within 2-3 working days after payment. 2. Professional anti-static bag packaging. 3. We can send it to you by DHL/TNT/UPS/EMS/ Fedex. 4.Original and brand new ***   IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS,

Gaibian Automation Co. Ltd

new 07 ZG 60 R1 GJV3074356R1 HIgh Speed Counter Module IN STOCK GREAT PRICE DISCOUNT **

new 07 ZG 60 R1 GJV3074356R1 HIgh Speed Counter Module IN STOCK GREAT PRICE DISCOUNT **

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new 07 ZG 60 R1 GJV3074356R1 HIgh Speed Counter Module IN STOCK GREAT PRICE DISCOUNT ** new 07 ZE 62 R201 GJV3074322R201 Central Unit IN STOCK GREAT PRICE DISCOUNT ** CONTACT US: SKYPE:ariata

Moore Automation

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siemens HS60 & F5HM

Electronics Forum | Sat Apr 03 07:33:46 EDT 2021 | nima

Hi have a good time i have siemens machine HS60 & F5HM both of them have problem HS60 has 24v contactor problem and F5HM has z-axis problem can you help me to repair it if you can, i will explain more about problems whit photo and video


Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 20 08:58:27 EDT 2009 | soudomphong

m/c error 3564 raceway monitoring triggered-gantry 3. In the help menu it says topic does not existed. Anybody has any idea what this error code mean? This is siemens hs60.

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Siemens HS50/HS60/HF3

Siemens HS50/HS60/HF3

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Description: Siemens machines for sale: HS50, HS60, HF3 in very good work condition machines complete

Shenzhen Honreal Technology Co.,Ltd

Siemens HS60

Siemens HS60

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ASM SIPLACE HS60 119400 695-1203038 year2005 ASM SIPLACE HS60 119400 569-12028957 2005 ASM SIPLACE HS60 119400 1099-12033475 2006

Qinyi Electronics Co.,Ltd

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Count On Tools’ Innovative Siemens Ceramic Nozzles Outperform and Outlast

Industry News | 2010-08-17 11:50:19.0

Count On Tools Inc., a leading provider of precision components and SMT spare parts, introduces its newly redesigned series of Siemens ceramic replacement nozzles.

Count On Tools, Inc.

SMTA Announces Upcoming Webinars and Webtorials

Industry News | 2011-01-28 17:42:56.0

The SMTA is pleased to announce several new online presentations coming up this Spring. In response to industry-wide budget cuts and travel restrictions, SMTA has committed to increasing its online programming to better accommodate member needs for technical exchange.

Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA)

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Siemens HS50 HS60 SMT Machine Parts / Siemens Replacement Parts Communication Unit 00330037-07

Siemens HS50 HS60 SMT Machine Parts / Siemens Replacement Parts Communication Unit 00330037-07

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SIEMENS HS50 HS60 COMMUNICATION UNIT CHANGE-OVER TABLE Model Number: 00330037-07 In very good conditiion Model Number Machine 00330037-07 HS50,HS60 Supply new and used seimens spare parts for smt machine.

KingFei SMT Tech

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Solder Joint Reliability of Pb-free Sn-Ag-Cu Ball Grid Array (BGA) Components in Sn-Pb Assembly Process

Technical Library | 2020-10-27 02:07:31.0

For companies that choose to take the Pb-free exemption under the European Union's RoHS Directive and continue to manufacture tin-lead (Sn-Pb) electronic products, there is a growing concern about the lack of Sn-Pb ball grid array (BGA) components. Many companies are compelled to use the Pb-free Sn-Ag-Cu (SAC) BGA components in a Sn-Pb process, for which the assembly process and solder joint reliability have not yet been fully characterized. A careful experimental investigation was undertaken to evaluate the reliability of solder joints of SAC BGA components formed using Sn-Pb solder paste. This evaluation specifically looked at the impact of package size, solder ball volume, printed circuit board (PCB) surface finish, time above liquidus and peak temperature on reliability. Four different BGA package sizes (ranging from 8 to 45 mm2) were selected with ball-to-ball pitch size ranging from 0.5mm to 1.27mm. Two different PCB finishes were used: electroless nickel immersion gold (ENIG) and organic solderability preservative (OSP) on copper. Four different profiles were developed with the maximum peak temperatures of 210oC and 215oC and time above liquidus ranging from 60 to 120 seconds using Sn-Pb paste. One profile was generated for a lead-free control. A total of 60 boards were assembled. Some of the boards were subjected to an as assembled analysis while others were subjected to an accelerated thermal cycling (ATC) test in the temperature range of -40oC to 125oC for a maximum of 3500 cycles in accordance with IPC 9701A standard. Weibull plots were created and failure analysis performed. Analysis of as-assembled solder joints revealed that for a time above liquidus of 120 seconds and below, the degree of mixing between the BGA SAC ball alloy and the Sn-Pb solder paste was less than 100 percent for packages with a ball pitch of 0.8mm or greater. Depending on package size, the peak reflow temperature was observed to have a significant impact on the solder joint microstructural homogeneity. The influence of reflow process parameters on solder joint reliability was clearly manifested in the Weibull plots. This paper provides a discussion of the impact of various profiles' characteristics on the extent of mixing between SAC and Sn-Pb solder alloys and the associated thermal cyclic fatigue performance.


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ASM SIPLACE HS60/1034-12032135


Siemens HS60 parameters Placement head type: 12-nozzle collection and placement head Number of cantilevers: 4 Theoretical mounting rate: 60000cph Component range: 0.6mm x 0.3mm (0201) to 18.7mm x 18.7mm The highest placement accuracy (4 sigma):

Qinyi Electronics Co.,Ltd



Description SIPLACE HS-60 Placement Station Performance Specification ● Placement rate: 60,000 cph ● Placement accuracy: +/- 0.080mm@ 4 sigma ● Component sizes: up to 19.0mm x 19.0mm (0201 chips to PLCC44) ● PCB Dimms (Single conveyor): 50 x 50

Qinyi Electronics Co.,Ltd

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S. M.T Technician

Career Center | Bangalore, Indiana India | Production,Quality Control

Line audits 5’s line audits RoHS line audits Screen printing machine operating S.M.T M/c Operator “Siemens” HS-60, S-27, F5HM. S.M.T Fuji, cp6, ip3, xp143 & 243 M/c Technician. Awareness of reflow profiling and verification Servicing of mobile sets a

Equipment Engineer\B Tech (EC)\7.5+ Years Ex

Career Center | Dargaha Road Zameen Pallavaram Chennai, Tamilnadu India | Maintenance,Technical Support

CURRENT JOB: • Responsible for four sub department as Production support, Preventive maintenance activity, Spare parts control and NPI (New product Introduction) under one Equipment department. • Take care of OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency), MTTR

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03050444-01_Suzhou Feierte electronic co.,ltd

KD Electronics Ltd. |

: Retrofit Kit for HS-60 Tape Cutter Retrofit Kit for HS-60 Tape Cutter PREVIOUS: 03050423-02 NEXT: 03050484-01 RELATED PRODUCTS CATEGORIES ABOUT US

KD Electronics Ltd.

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