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Intruder Series Split Vision Manual Rework Systems

Intruder Series Split Vision Manual Rework Systems

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There are two variations in the Intruder series: The Intruder Lightning model 7500-5000 has a focal Bottom Heater whereas the Intruder Marksman 7500-7500 has a Panel Bottom Heat system. Each machine has a manual componentplacement arm with a final pr

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Honeywell 30732393-001  30732393-501

Honeywell 30732393-001 30732393-501

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Pardon me all for intruding in this valuable technical....

Electronics Forum | Fri May 09 15:28:15 EDT 2003 | davef

Peter Our thoughts on this are well documented. Search the Forum and you'll find 45 threads just on "old threads".

Pardon me all for intruding in this valuable technical....

Electronics Forum | Thu May 08 18:36:56 EDT 2003 | slthomas

discussion, but how did this year-old thread get drudged up again? Don't answer's a rhetorical question that I already know the answer to. Sign me, Steve, who's frankly getting a little rankled at the prospect of starting another job se

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ORPRO Vision AOI Presentation

ORPRO Vision AOI Presentation


ORPRO Vision AOI Presentation. This presentation introduces the methods and technology used by ORPRO Vision in the Symbion S36 Plus and Vantage S22 Plus AOI systems. For additional information, please contact ORPRO Vision at

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nandish resum

Career Center | Bangalore-85, ka India | Production

As a Sr.Technician involved in production activities like programming, taking care of the production, process, rectifying the process problems, constantly getting in touch with the customers for any quality issues & other production activities, invol

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