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Apple Licenses Ryder to Make the Next Wave of Smart Devices

Industry News | 2015-01-06 16:51:10.0

Ryder Industries Ltd, the Swiss-owned EMS provider with manufacturing facilities in China, announces that it has been awarded Apple’s latest MFi 6.2 manufacturing licence with Apple Inc.

Ryder Industries Ltd.

Ryder EMS Receives Apple MFi 6.4 License for Design and Manufacturing

Industry News | 2015-11-01 18:41:43.0

Ryder Industries today announced that it has recently received Apple’s MFi 6.4 license for design and manufacturing. This new license is a further endorsement of Ryder by the world’s most valuable company, and means that Ryder is ready to bring the very latest smart devices to market, with its usual quality, speed and service.

Ryder Industries Ltd.

8 instruments in 1 module !

Industry News | 2016-10-05 04:52:28.0

ABI’s SYSTEM 8 MIS4, along with the Ultimate software, is a faster and more economical solution than using traditional oscilloscope, metering and other bench test instruments, and can quickly produce the required Pass/Fail or other test and debug results.

ABI Electronics Ltd


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