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Panasonic Panasert MBSF

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Hello. I am looking for some old Panasonic Panasert MBSF on/off loader magazines, does anyone know of any? or where I can get hold of 1-2? Rough sizes are L460mm X W540mm X H565mm

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Panasert RHU2

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Model No: NM 8827 Produced: App. 1997 Basic  tech spec: 5,0/7,5mm pitch XL Table, 62 feeding positions Z axis //accessories:  Loading station- Type Panasert M.B.S.F NM-2826A, Unloading station-Type: Panasert M.B.S NM-2826C  (M size) Direction: R-L

Salescon Ltd.

Panasert MBS-MBSF

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We have complete set of Panasert LL size loader and unloader ( MBS/MBSF ) interested please contact us.


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