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SMTBOX INC. - One Box, All SMT Spare Parts.

SMTBOX INC. - One Box, All SMT Spare Parts.

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SMTBOX is a leading distributor of a wide range of SMT spare parts in the entire world. We offer the highest quality laser products in a variety of sizes and configurations with prompt, professional, service at competitive price.

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R901089292 R901089292 ZhongHaiDe (Fujian) Industrial Equipment Co., a professional equipment supplier in domestic automation. It was established in 2014 in Fuzhou, Fujian province. With the convenient maritime traffic and land transp

zhonghaide(fujian)industrial equipmentCO.,LTD.

AC Power Supply Module 285688-01  GE Bently Nevada

AC Power Supply Module 285688-01 GE Bently Nevada

New Equipment | Industrial Automation

Sales Manager: Sandy Lin Email: Skype:onlywnn_1  Mobile(Whatsapp): (+86)-18020776786 ​​​ Yuehang:  Shipping Term : TNT,DHL,FEDEX,ETC Payment Term : T/T Warranty: 12 month yuehang supply: New+original+factory sealed+high quality


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Looking 4 used Panasonic MPA feeders

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 19 02:12:04 EST 1998 | Larry

HI, does anyone know where I can purchase used feeders for Panasert machines( MPA-G1, MPA-3F) or compatable? Thanks in advance.

BGA rework rate

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 10 08:25:02 EST 2005 | marakas

Could anyone advise what BGA rework rate we should expect with product that has 4 BGAs (224 pins, 196 pins, 160 pins, 48 pins). Negative factor is that we have old and tired pick & place - Panasonic MPA-G1 or MPA-V without AOI.

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Panasert MPA-G1

Used SMT Equipment | Pick and Place/Feeders

Hi,   We're having 1 unit Panasert MPA-G1 Multi Mounter machine, good and running condition.. Kindly get back to us if you're interested..   Thanks.. Aruna


Panasert MPA-G1

Used SMT Equipment | Chipshooters / Chip Mounters

Hi,   2 unit of Panasert Multi Mounter, model MPA-G1 on sale.. Good and running condition.. Kindly contact us if you're interested..   Thanks.. Aruna..


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Panasonic MV/MMC/MSH/MSR/MPAV/MSF/MCF/HDP/HD/CM/DT Panasonic smt nozzle

Panasonic MV/MMC/MSH/MSR/MPAV/MSF/MCF/HDP/HD/CM/DT Panasonic smt nozzle

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MV MV2 MV2C MV2F MV2VB Series Nozzles Part Number Description 1020 1750 15XX Nozzle, RSS(S), #1 (Shinny Tappered Tip) 1020 1530 00 Nozzle, M-1.2, #2 1020 1795 61xx Nozzle, M-1.6, #2 1020 1795 00xx Nozzle, L, #3 1020 1750 11xx

KingFei SMT Tech



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PANASERT MPA/ MPA-G1 NOZZLE PARTS NO. PART NO. PART DESCRIPTION 01 1018589335 01 MPA-G1 REFLECTOR / FLANGE 02 1015660023 MPA-G1 GUIDE PIN We are professional SMT part supplier,if you are interested in our products ,pls contact me.

ZK Electronic Technology Co., Limited

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Metal Microchannel Lamination Using Surface Mount Adhesives for Low-Temperature Heat Exchangers

Technical Library | 2011-12-22 16:45:49.0

This paper reports the feasibility of using surface mount adhesives to produce low temperature microchannel arrays in a wide variety of metals. Sheet metal embossing and chemical etching processes have been used to produce sealing bosses that eliminate ch

OSU School of Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering (MIME)

Moisture Effect on Properties of Out-of-Autoclave Laminates with Different Void Content

Technical Library | 2020-12-16 18:38:49.0

Fabrication of large structures using out-of-autoclave prepreg materials will lead to a great amount of savings in manufacturing costs. In the out-of-autoclave processing method, the presence of voids inside the laminate has been an issue due to the lack of high pressure during manufacturing. This study aims primarily to observe the moisture absorption response of composite samples containing different levels of void. By changing the vacuum level inside the bag during the manufacturing process, three different unidirectional laminates at three levels of void have been manufactured. After immersing the samples in warm water at 60°C for about one year, the moisture absorption level was monitored and then diffusion coefficients were calculated using Fick's law. Results show that the moisture absorption coefficient changes by %8 within the experimental range of void contents. The mechanical behaviour of these laminates has been studied at four different moisture levels by performing dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) and short beam shear tests. Empirical results indicate that, in general, interlaminar shear strength and glass transition temperature decrease by moisture build-up inside the samples. DiBenedetto equation is proposed to make a correlation between the moisture content and glass transition temperature.

Concordia University

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SMT Engineer

Career Center | Bangalore, Karnataka India | Engineering,Production,Research and Development,Technical Support

� Exposure to Siemens Pick & Place M/Cs. � Basic knowledge in POP components, 01005 component package. � Exposure in SIX SIGMA TOOLS � WHITE BELT. � Performing DFM for the new products & running products. � Exposure in scre

Electronics Manufacturing /SMT/Quality/ISO/6 sigma

Career Center | , | 2013-03-07 05:50:27.0

Looking for Leader ship Opprtunity in Electronics Manufacturing Plant in India

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