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SMT line validation

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 22 20:38:04 EST 2006 | davef

Dirka Jihabi The FDA doesn't care about the method your company chooses. FDA require in their "Good Manufacturing Practices [GMP]" that your company defines a method and abides by that method. Now, if the fine folk at your company selected a naive

Stencil Inspection Equipment

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 30 13:34:35 EDT 2001 | slthomas

Call me naive, but I was really hoping this was from a real source and on the up and up. I mean, I figured it HAD to be...no one is dumb enough to just add an initial and figure they're incognito, right??? What a marketing ploy. Build a machine, s

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The Performance of the Intel TFLOPS Supercomputer

Technical Library | 1999-05-07 09:56:38.0

The purpose of building a supercomputer is to provide superior performance on real applications. In this paper, we describe the performance of the Intel TFLOPS Supercomputer starting at the lowest level with a detailed investigation of the Pentium® Pro processor and the supporting memory subsystem.

Intel Corporation

Privacy Threats through Ultrasonic Side Channels on Mobile Devices

Technical Library | 2017-05-11 18:03:24.0

Device tracking is a serious threat to the privacy of users, as it enables spying on their habits and activities. A recent practice embeds ultrasonic beacons in audio and tracks them using the microphone of mobile devices. In this paper, we explore the capabilities, the current prevalence and technical limitations of this new tracking technique based on three commercial tracking solutions. To this end, we develop detection approaches for ultrasonic beacons and Android applications capable of processing these.

Technical University Braunschweig

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