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We provide custom software for industry. We develop engineering projects as well. Our electronic, control and mechanical engineers are at your service. Based in Barcelona.

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Orbotech Trion 2340 Manual

Orbotech Trion 2340 Manual

New Equipment | Inspection

Available at A complete Orbotech Trion 2340 PDF Manual with pictures and step-by-step explanations to set up the AOI machine easily. Minimize false alarms and escapes rate. Learn how to programme and c


Orbotech Trion 2340 Report Converter

Orbotech Trion 2340 Report Converter

New Equipment | Software

Available at Have full control over Orbotech Trion 2340 reports with PAD extract. Convert .PAD and .PHD reports to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, extract all faulty component pictures and create a


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Orbotech AOI

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 28 09:23:45 EDT 2015 | anilwagh

I am looking Orbotech VT9300HD and Trion 2340EXP AOI machine.

Orbotech Trion 2340 Support

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 29 12:23:27 EDT 2020 | aneryn

Hello, Due to the lack of information about Orbotech Trion 2340 Xpress AOI machine, I have developed recently some tools to set it up easily. If someone is struggling with this machine, these tools can be useful for him! A Manual (or Guide) and a R

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ORBOTECH Verifast21 Repair Station

ORBOTECH Verifast21 Repair Station

Used SMT Equipment | General Purpose Test & Measurement

Configuration: Laser pointer   Description: The repair station displays pcb faults detected by the VT-9000 and the Trion-2000 optical inspection systems on a monitor. Its purpose is to help repair personnel qu

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Orbotech Trion 2340

Orbotech Trion 2340

Used SMT Equipment | AOI / Automated Optical Inspection

ORBOTECH, Visual inspection machine, type TRION 2340, s.n. 0601265, with 3D edge detection, included DELL PC inside and flat monitor HP, size approx. 1,20x1,25x,1,60 meters, year 2001

Baja Bid

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Evolvi Schedule One of Europe’s Largest Online EMS Equipment Auctions

Industry News | 2016-07-18 17:31:51.0

Evolvi SMT announce that they will be hosting one of Europe’s largest online electronic manufacturing equipment auction on 20th – 21st July.

Evolvi SMT

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Orbotech Trion 2340 Manual

Technical Library | 2020-10-30 10:27:39.0

Preview of the Complete Aneryn's Orbotech Trion 2340 Manual. It explains how to programme the AOI machine, how to train new components (shapes), how to connect it to your network, among other processes. Following the Guide, you will minimize false alarms and escapes rates easily.


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